Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Contact Hearts

As a part of our Valentines Craft sessions, we did a few of the good old Contact Hearts!!
If you have been a follower of the blog for a while, you know that I have done these many many times before. I love that the contact system can lend itself to so many different themes and crafts , each with great outcomes!! 

They are always a hit in our house, because they are pretty and sparkly and can go on display on our sliding doors (as a stained glass window type effect).

Lately I have been setting out the craft supplies and using these cheap plastic white trays from Kmart, to try and help contain the mess!! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't .....

A little chopped up tissue paper in your choice of colour/s , some heart confetti (Woolworth had small packs in their Valentines area for a few dollars) and some chunky glitter (from our craft stash).

Sprinkle sprinkle, stick stick, fix the contact . Repeat repeat repeat! 

Ta da!! Pretty, sparkly hearts on our door!! (excuse our tropical back yard and totally professional phone reflection, at least its reality right?!)

And seeing as though Stella was at school, I knew she would be sad to miss out , I created a tray for her to do when she got home. Easy peasy!

Did you do any Valentines crafts? Perhaps something different than the norm? I am getting a little bored of these ones and must make an attempt next year to think of a newbie!!

Happy Saturday Peeps!! 

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