Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Class Gifts

So .... tomorrow is the big V- Day! 
Valentines Day is either a day you love or loathe! 
I personally love it, not because I receive flowers or gifts or anything (my husband conveniently doesn't believe in doing that!) but because its a day that you show you care for someone. 
Show you love and appreciate them, their friendship , or just a day to .... be nice. 

This year I was organised enough and found a few printables that I love and knew they weren't going to be too involved in pulling the gifts off. 

So tomorrow , Stella will be taking along some cute pencils that I decorated with washi tape (they are from Woolworths for just a few dollars for a pack of 25) . With some tags that I found HERE.

Seriously easy , yet so cute and I am sure the kids are going to love them!! 
I just printed the pages, cut out the hearts and Stella wrote her name on the bottom. Make 2 small slits in the sides and thread the pencil through. Done !

We also happen to be going to a friends for a play and swim so along with some fresh Orange muffins (they are delicious, I may have tried one already!) , I thought it would be nice for the other kids to take some small gifts for their friends too! 

Whilst browsing Pinterest , I found this printable HERE and thought it would be a cute idea. And I mean, what kid doesn't love bouncy balls?

I only had white paper so I just printed them out and let the kids colour in the slogan area. 

I backed each tag to some coloured card stock and trimmed with a little washi tape , popped a bouncy ball in a clear bag and stapled the tag to the top. 
Voila!! Cute as anything !
And again, for just a few dollars (the bouncy balls came in a pack of 6 bought from Woolworths in the Party supplies area)

They are going to be so proud and happy to hand out these to their friends! 

And we can not forget a little something for Stella's teacher either!! 
Again, Pinterest came to the rescue and I found THIS printable . 
However I decided to just use the tag from the printable and not the full patterned wrap, so I just cut around the slogan circle and stuck it on some coloured card stock that I had cut to the width that I wanted for the jar. I then covered over the paper with some clear contact so that it is more durable. 

The Back to School clearance sales at the supermarket meant that I picked up some coloured pens for $2 and the gift is complete. 

Practical , thoughtful and gorgeous! Every teachers dream, right?!

Gift giving doesn't have to take a lot of time , nor cost a lot of money. 
But the thought is there, and that is what matters most! 

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