Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Christmas party

You know its the silly season when all you seem to have on your calendar are Christmas Parties and catch ups. Not that I am complaining but its always the way that they are all on the same weekend, and its hard to make them all.
However today we had one that we weren't going to miss.
The Multiple Birth Association that I am a member of held a fantastic Christmas catch up at the park this morning and it was a HOOT!! The kids all loved it, even Max and Lacey. Of Course Stella loved it and was in seventh heaven. A bouncy castle, face painting (thanks Corina!), a lollipop,  icy poles and a playground full of gorgeous kids to play with and she was set!!
Not forgetting the visit from Father Christmas himself!! (Thanks Jason!)  When we went to the Playgroup Christmas Party (a post is coming I promise!!) , she was most disappionted when we hopped in the car and cried a little that she didn't get to hug Santa, well today she did and it was gorgeous to see. Made my heart melt!! She has gone from being a baby that screamed at the sight of him ( we have the annual photo for proof!!) to a child that is loving him and all that comes with it!! The songs, the lights, the parties and of course the presents!!

The girls and the club have been an amazing support to me and my family throughout the past 12 months and I am forever thankful and now that I am a committee member , I am so excited to be able to pay it forward and help other new and expecting parents of twins and develop some more lasting friendships with beautiful ladies!!
Everyone is always happy to help, love holding the babies and are forever answering my questions, as silly as they may be! Its so comforting to have people who know, helping you out, cos this twins thing is a whole new ball game!

Max and Laceys first time on a Bouncy Castle!!
All the families had a great day, and of course there were alot of kids (2 or more of course!!). Its great to see the twins and siblings all interacting with each other!

My beautiful people!!

Stella getting her present from Santa , with lovely helper SH!!

OMG!! How gorgeous!! She even took him a big stuffed toy that was there to be played with as a present!!

Opening her present - a pair of Jiffies (know called Angelina Ballerina Shoes) and a book

Lacey on Santas knee

Max with Santa - this boy is a goer!!

Playing with there presents

A hit!! Sorry , no pic of Max, he is moving so much at the moment its a nightmare!!

I am off to bed, had a HUGE weekend, Party with my cousins Friday night (it was soooo lovely to see everyone), work Saturday, catch up with a good girlfriend Sat arvo whilst Noel went to waterpolo  ( I organised the kids at the same time) and then last night I took all my staff out, we hired the Kareoke Bus for a few hours!! It was THE BEST NIGHT!! Had an absolute ball, it was so good to spend some time with them away from work and let loose a little!! I even had some drinks but was home by 11pm, must be getting too old for this!! haha
So cheers to a fab weekend and looking forward to the next one and what it will bring!

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  1. Chrissie parties are the best part of this time of year. Even though it's the craziest time it's also the most fun isn't it :)


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