Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Kiddies

To get Stella and myself into the Christmas spirit and of course, make my kiddies look uber gorgeous, I set to work this past week  , creating their Christmas outifits (in the late hours of the nights in true Liz style of course!).

We had our playgroup Christmas party on Friday, that deserves a post all in itself (to come) so Stella and the babies were able to wear their Christmas goodies.

I made Stella a gorgeous skirt, and she LOVED it!! Complete with ric rac and gingham ribbon and matching applique shirt and Max and Lacey with Applique bodysuits (they just wore red shorts M and red tights L, I ran out of time for nappy covers.

Stella loves her skirt!!

Beautiful babies

Stellas clone, Lacey

So now I have cool little outfits for them to wear to the many Christmas functions we have coming in the next few weeks.

I also made 2 soft and special books for the Play group Christmas party, for Max and Lacey, from Santa of course!!
Every Mum was asked to bring along a gift of a book, wrapped and for your child to receive from Father Christmas and I wanted something soft and playable for the twins.

Max got a 1,2,3 book and Lacey and A,B, C. They love them and so does Stella Star!!

I am also thinking about the super long list of handmade gifts I would like to make, but I have a few orders to complete first!

Let me know if anyone is interested in me making some Christmas shirts of outifits to sell for Bizzy Dayz!


  1. Liz, the kids are so amazingly cute!! And you never cease to amaze me with your classy and clever creations!! Love the outfits and the books!! Wish I was as clever as you! xxx

  2. wow clever much?? I love that little skirt too.

    If you have time would you mind casting a vote for me here..under Farmers Wifey..bottom of page 1, I'd be soo grateful xx

  3. LOVE LOVE the books Liz! Great Idea! (oh the chrissy outfits are so cute too!)

  4. Thanks girls, and thanks for visiting! Books are easy to make and a real hit here!


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