Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season to be Jolly

I know it is supposed to be the season to be jolly, and I usually LOVE Christmas and even Christmas week. As much as I have always worked at the salon like a trojan (everyone wants their hair done for Christmas right?!) but as tired as I get and full on it is, its so enjoyable. Everyone is in the spirit and always on the happy side of life, albeit stressed.
This week has been a fair bit different. My worst fears came true, 2 staff members were sick on Tuesday..........AND Wednesday .... AND one is still off today!! You try calling people, nearly 30 odd clients and trying to squeeze them elsewhere and reschedule their appts. They were NOT happy. Regardless of the reasons, and sickness is never planned and not prevented (however they could eat better and drink more water and their chances of being healthy would be better, but hey, try telling 18 year olds that, they know everything and are bulletproof!!) Needless to say, stress levels rose, tears flowed (one my end) and I have had to work more than I was planning on.
So.. I am tired. Starting the daily grind with 2 babies and a 2 year old at 5:30 every day and not stopping until I get home from work at 9:30pm = shattered Liz.
BUT...... I am still loving that its nearly Christmas, can't wait for 4pm tomorrow when the salon closes until the 4th and I no longer have to answer millions of phone calls and questions whilst trying to pacify tired and/or hungry babies.

The past few weeks have been jam packed with different catch ups, Christmas parties and break ups and it has not slowed down this week. We have been to 3 and we are not finished yet!
On Monday we got to enjoy a beautiful morning tea and playdate at a dear friends gorgeous house. The kids played sooo well (apart from my DD meltdown over a Pram!!) and the bring and share morning tea was yummo!!

I have been really blessed over the past year to have formed and developed some beautiful friendships with some lovely ladies and I really value them and the time we share. All the kids get on , but our nights out without them are even better!! (You know how it is!!) From Mothers Group, to Bookclub , Playgroup and friends of friends I have grown close to, you can never have too many friends , and its so nice to share the moments in your life with people that you respect and admire. Its an important part of Christmas to me, reflecting on the past year and remembering the good times....and bad.

I had best be going, off to work for the last night tonight, and I have dinner to cook, babies to feed and all to bath , and me to get ready of course!! No one likes a hairdresser in a singlet and her best cleaning clothes!

Leaving you with some memories from the past year as the uploaded is playing funny games!

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