Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok, maybe I wrote that post , half cocked in an excited flurry. They were just too cute NOT to share!!
However,  I have since found more, and I am feeling the sharing love again.

Well, everyone knows I have a tendency and weakness for anything owls, like ANYTHING!!
So when I found these little gems, I instantly saved them. Thats the way I am dealing with this over supply of tags and stuff, saving, saving saving. You just never know when you will need something and rest assured , next year, you will be looking for these very tags and they will be lost in the WWW.

Beautiful owl tags HERE

Gorgeous Christmas card HERE


Oooww check out all the goodies to match from West Elm HERE


I am thinking these may be it!! I love the colouring, in decorating my home or wrapping our presents under our tree I like to use the traditional colours, so its always nice to get to play around with other colour combos for gifts. I like how I can use my trusty scollop punch to cut them out too. (3" and 2")
Find them HERE

I hope you can find something you like, there are lots more around, its just a matter of searching!

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  1. Liz, thanks for visiting my blog, you are so cute. Your children are beautiful! My Mom had a twin boy and girl too (they're 26 now) but it was so much fun to be their older sister, lots of mischief! Merry Christmas!


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