Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Its a massive responsiblity to name a child. I mean, what is a name?
Its your identity, not something that shapes someones personality but something that you are known by to others.
There are some good, and some bad, but thats all a matter of opinion really.
Obviously my name is Liz, but actually, my formal name is Elizabeth. A generational name, passed down through my Dads family.
I am proud to have it, and feel lucky that my Dad chose it for me. But I have to say, that as I have gotten older and since the start of my hairdressing career, I have been known as Liz. Just Liz, maybe Lizzy but that is more by people that have known me since I was a kid.
Some people don't even realise that Elizabeth is my real name, even my husband never calls me Elizabeth, and for our wedding, I had to actually teach him how to say it!! I know I know, its easy, but you would be surprised how many people say "Lizbeth".
As much as I love my full name, I feel uncomfortable using it all the time I just doesnt feel like me and I really only get called Elizabeth by my Dad, for appointments or if I am in trouble!! Liz feels like me, it is me!
So this was a huge influence we had when naming our children. DH did not want to have any names that can be shortened. He wanted short, sharp names that are always used (and the fact that our last name has quite a few syllables. However, even though our names are short, you always find a way to personalise them, and their pet names are longer!!

So naturally, Stella's middle name is Elizabeth.
Where did I get my kids names from?
Well, Stella was actually going to be a "Ruby". From day dot, if our baby was a girl, her name would be Ruby. I absolutely LOVE the name, and yet , with less than 2 weeks to go, I changed my mind and Noel agreed. I am so happy we named her Stella. Its strong, and classy for an adult, whilst being girly and sweet for a child. Its not too common ( I only know 2 others ) and that is important to me. I didn't want our daughter to have the same name as 3 other girls in the same class.
Max- Is the name that we had for a boy when we were having Stella. It stuck, it was catchy (Max Morrison) , and it was a short, masculine name. Not to mention the fact that we found boys names hard! Our other choices were Toby (next best), Angus, Oscar and Jacey.
Lacey- I don't know where this came from but I have been a fan of it ever since the TV show A Party of Five was on, way back when. It was never on the list when we were pregnant the first time, but it just popped up and stuck. I LOVE it and we always get comments on her name, every says that it is pretty, so obviously it is well suited to her! (Not biased or anything)

So there you have it, my explanation of my childrens names. Obviously in life we aren't all going to like the same things, especially names , but I do think that everyone shares the same opinions , that choosing a name for a little human being is a BIG responsibility and one that shouldn't be taken lightly!!
Its so sad to hear about all these crazed out superstars that have the strangest names for the kids. Take Gweneth Paltrows kids names, Apple and Moses. Or Jamie Oliver - Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear Maurice!!! Poor kids!!

Everyones opionions are different , everyone has a different idea of a good name and that is what makes the world so great and diverse!! Just be happy and confident in the names you have chosen for your special people, we are!!

P.S - This post was inspired by a new little addition to one of my very good friends families, he arrived on Monday, and has THE most cutest name, Colbie. LOVE IT!! And he is super duper gorgeous to match, cluck cluck!

And just cos a post isn't a post without a photo, or 2!!

Max's first piece of toast

Lacey's First Piece of Toast


  1. Totally get you with the name thing. Our 3 kids have two middle names each. Mainly because I was given two middle names as well. Our Twins, Esther and Ellamay, both have a middle name because of the midwives that looked after me while I was stuck in hospital for weeks before they were born. Esther has Elizabeth (also a family name) and Ellamay has Anne. These midwives were so caring and put up with my tears and treated me wonderfully. There is a story for every one of our 3 girls names.
    Your kids are all so cute! Love the pictures.

  2. My big girl's name is Lacey too, it's such a pretty name and not very common- well in Gero anyway! as for my second bub I don't think I did her any favours, we named her Shaye, and when people ask her name and I tell them they say, oh isn't that a boy's name??? It is soooooooo a unisex name lol

  3. oh and the latin meaning for Lacey is cheerful, it suits my Lacey, looks like it suits yours too :)

  4. Ohh they are beautiful names and Jasmine, Lacey is gorgeous isn't it, yep cheerful suits ours!! I like Shaye as a name , for either sex, and I think its funny how people feel they have a right to tell you that they don't like the name you have chosen!!

  5. my sons name is Quincy Nikolas
    If he were a girl he would have been Kairi Tabitha BUT initially he was ment to be Dade Landon, over the course of my pregnancy it changed, First to Quinn Landon (at 36 weeks preggers I decided Dade Landon just didnt sound "right") and then I decided I wanted Quincy Alejandro but a few days later decided on Nikolas lol poor baby was called alot of things before he was born, Ironically I had not heard of Quincy before I used it (not a popular name in Australia) and most people either say it's "pretty" or "old" o_O


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