Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Baking

Last week I engaged in my love of baking, and for my favourite time of the year, what could be better?
The hardest part of it (apart from finding the time with the kids) was keeping little and big fingers off it!!

This year I decided to make some homemade goodies and bag them up to hand out as little pressies to my friends, bookclub girls and my life helpers (daycare lady, cleaning lady etc.)

I really enjoy baking and that makes it all the more enjoyable, if you however , don't like it, the supermarkets are filled with lovely goodies you could make little thankyou hampers out of.

First off I made Rocky Road (thanks for the inspiration Jess!) , now this was the hardest to keep in the fridge, DH was very tempted!
I simply melted 2 blocks of cooking chocolate (Cadbury) and poured it over a tin with chopped nuts, chopped lollies and marshmellos in the bottom (oh and I added some large White choc melts.

I then made some coconut macaroon balls. I found this recipe after seeing something on Today Tonight.

Add 2 cups of coconut , the rind of one lemon and a can of Sweet condensed Milk to a bowl, mix thoroughly and roll into balls. Bake on a tray until golden brown (ours are a little overcooked on the bases, hubby left in charge!) Yummo!!!

And Choc bit slice. Now I LOVE THIS !! SO easy, so yummy and really versatile to whatever you have left in the house at the time. Comment on this post if you would like the recipe, I will type it out and email it! BTW- My sister gave the recipe to me, Thanks Kristy!!  ( I believe credit where credits due, if you get an idea from someone , say so!! Share the love!) 

And finally some Choc chip muffins. Noel loves these so much one day I made a batch, went out for tea, came home and they were ALL GONE!! The whole lot, needless to say I didn't bake them for a while again. Apparently they are just like subway cookies!! Recipe found HERE. You will only regret it if you eat them all!!

So I packaged them all up in little plastic bags ( I had bought them off ebay for The markets once thinking they were going to be WAY bigger, alas they are not but have come in real handy since!! I used them for the lolly bags for the Christening too! Punched a hoel with the hole punch, added some gold curling ribbon and they were done! I was going to label them all pretty, but I ran out of time, and I think they are quite obvious anyway!

I also purchased a pack of small soft noughat bars (in centre of above pic) and some Christmas Choccies in a pack at Woolworths and added them .

This is how they looked when all finished and packaged up. I was so stoked with the way they turned out and I think my lovely ladies and recipients were chuffed too! Some handmade love that didn't cost much at all!!

Where to buy; -
 Obviously the bags are from Kikki K. I seriously LOVE this shop, everything organisational , which I am right into at the moment. (more on my purchases later). For those in Gero or Perth, there is a great shop in Karrinyup Centre. The bags are thing paper and fold down with a contrasting back.

The gorgeous labels are a free download from Eighteen 25. LOVE them, and thankfully my beautiful mother printed them for me on nice shimmery paper!! I just cut them out with scissors *Note to self- much add 3'' punch to Wish List.

Wooden christmas pegs were purchased from Red Dot- they are actually off a Christmas card holder , so I just snipped the string they were all attached to and voila!! 25 pegs for $2!!

And Green cord ribbon from Woolworths

Lined up for my 5 special friends in my book club!! I also have them in the fridge for those visitors that you think "oops" or anyone else you have forgotten, and our next door neighbour of course!!

For the people that keep me going (aka Daycare lady, ironing lady and cleaning lady , yes I have all 3!! Someone has to do them and they are worth their weight in gold and allow me to do other things, work and spend time with my children around that!)

These guys got bigger bags,more stuff, 2 lots of rocky road and some other nibbles.
These bags were purchased in a multi pack from Ikea!!

There you have it, my little goodie bags for some important people, hopefully they help in some way, or if not, try the recipes for yourself!! Yummo!

Luckily , for DH, another Rocky Road is setting in the fridge, oh he will be happy!!

Back tomorrow with some cool packaging for gifts. 


  1. Looks Fantastic!!! Well Done Girl!! Im so impressed!! The final bags all done up look so gorgeous!! Your so amazing!!

    You will be hearing from me really soon ;)
    Love ya!! xo

  2. so cute Liz, I am not much of a baker but you are inspiring me, Have a lovely xmas with your gorgeous family :)

  3. Thanks girls, I am pretty stoked with the result!
    Jasmine, I love baking but these recipes are easy peasy and good for kiddies to help with too, if you are brave enough!
    Thankyou and you have a lovely Christmas too!


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