Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Now I know this is going to be a controversial subject, but believe it or not, the question I get asked the most (second to "how do you find the time?" is always about toilet training.
Just today I had another discussion with my MG, and it has  brough to my attention an anniversary!! Its the 12 month anniversary of our precious girl Stella toilet training!! Yay!! I can't believe it has been 12 months and when I look back on photos now of her at 20-21 months, I can't believe how small she was. Its only now dawning on me that she was a very young toilet trainer and we were very lucky that it all went according to plan!

Stella January this year, at 21 months!! How young and super cute is she?!
I am going to share with you a few things that I have learnt through me experience with Stella, and a few opinions and please remember they are just that. MY opinions, MY experiences and every person has a right to them. So if you don't want to hear them, stop reading now, if you do, please remember that every child is different, and I am more than certain everything will be different when training the twins!! I am NOT an expert and do NOT claim to be, just a mother, like any other, but I know I like to hear some different stories and hopefully pick up some tips!

First up, I believe that when you make the decision to start training your child , you have to just do it. Start and don't stop. Keep going regardless, or it could end up detremental to their progress and severly confuse them as to what to actually do. It gets hard, and its not pleasant, but neither is changing a 2 year olds nappy , who eats everything that you do!! Ick

Secondly, I believe that your child will give you a "sign" or indication, as slight as it may be, that they are ready and when you get that, run with it!! Regardless of situation and convenience, if you miss it, it may just not come around again! We had just returned from Europe, Stella had been watching us go to the toilet alot,as we were all confined to a small hotel room for 3 1/2 weeks and she was definately observing. When we came home, she went straight into a big girls bed, even though she slept in a cot on trip (purely for monetry reasons , cheaper for a cot than pay for another bed) and we knew we would be in for a struggle getting her back into routine after her sleeping next to us for the time we were away. I figured if I was going to retrain her to sleep independently, I may as well go the extra step and do it in a bed!!

Do it over summer- We started early to mid November and by Christmas, she was mostly in knickers , only a nappy for when we went out (our of laziness and pure convenience as I was very ill being pregnant with the twins) We had a few weeks after Christmas where I was home and that just cemented it all for us!
We also did not use any training knickers , as they are designed to keep the wees in. Great for your house, not so great for a wetness indicator for them. Again monetry and laziness behind it, as I did not want to fork out for training pants , then for knickers as well. So straight into knickers she went, and she was able to feel it running down her leg, and it grossed her out and made her feel uncomfortable, which is what compelled her to try harder.

Number 2's is harder. Wee came easy, number 2's not so much, she started to wait until her nappy went on for a day sleep to do it, so just urging her to go before hand helped.

Don't try and master the nights and days all at once, Stella still wore a nappy at night til April, again, laziness (gee I am Lazy aren't I?!) but that was because I was pregnant with the twins and just couldn't face changing sheets and everything through the night, I didn't sleep much as it was!! Once the nappy started being dry when she woke, and literally the week we came out of hospital with the babies, she wore knickers at night and only had about a handful or so, accidents.

Don't think that by limiting their fluid intake in the arvo helps, I don't believe it does, and Stella is a BIG drinker, she sleeps with a waterbottle on her beside table and its empty in the morning.

We didn't use a potty. Purely cos I couldn't face the fact that I would have to empty and clean it all the time. Stella just had a step thing up to the toilet and a little toilet seat on top so she didn't fall in as she was young. Now she has nothing , just an adult toilet we all use,no step , not seat. I just thought that you have to teach them a potty, then teach them a toilet. No thanks, too much teaching for my liking!!

I hope these have helped, if not, you only wasted 5 mins of your life, if so, great! Remember they are my personal views, goodluck. Nothing is easy in parenting,especially toilet training, but I have to say, it was such a relieft to not have 3 kids in nappies at the same time. Too expensive, and Stella is a big girl, she would look silly with a nappy on.

If you have any other hints or tips, please share!!


  1. it's fabulous to hear... my sister has just started training her daughter and will pass this on. It's great to hear all kinds of ways to do it so thanks. :)

  2. Thats great did pretty much everything the same as me.... with Aimee anyways, Aimee trained in only 2 weeks, day and night, she was 28 months, dream child!...Jayden was much harder to train, but I've heard before that boys are harder & now I have another one coming to train! Ahhh... we've been over nappies for a good year now... not for long!! At least you can train the twins together!

  3. No problem, my please, so true, its great to get different ideas!
    Yep Stella was 20 months and I couldn't even get knickers to fit her!!


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