Sunday, September 19, 2010

finishing fun

Oh what a glorious day!! I LOOOOOOVVVEEE Sundays!! Its our only day as a family as I work Saturdays and I just love it. I love the simple things, pikelets for brekky, fun in the sun on the trampoline, trips to Bunnings, however today I loved being able to finish a few projects I have on the go!
My hubby actually said this morning "I just wish you would finish one thing before starting another!!"
Now where would the fun be in that? I just have way too many ideas running around in my poor little head!!
Soooo, here is just a snippet of today. I also made Stella a gorgeous bunting for her room and made over a stool from her room, but pics in the morning as I didn't finish them til late and the light was icky! We also planted new herbs in the vege pathc (and harvested the smallest carrots I have possibly ever seen!) planted a few new plants in the garden and rearranged our toy room and chucked some junk out!

Man folk hard at work!!

This is the stool half way through its journey!

Remember this;

Well this is it now; it is going to hang in our bedroom as it matched our new quilt well I think!

Sorry for the brightness, it was such a glorious day today, but very sunny, but the material backing is a red /maroon stripe and I am still trying to decide whether to distress the frame or now? Any suggestions?

And this got a makeover today too!! Hopefully it gets put up in its new found glory tomorrow!! Can't wait to share!

And leaving you with this , the sweetest thing EVER!! Who needs a nanny when you have a big sister that is more than willing to help!?

She loves them to bits, sometimes too much!!

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