Monday, September 20, 2010

a room fit for a princess

Stella's room has been one of those ever evolving projects, to which I am always adding to, taking away, and trying to make it just "right".

We have had a rather large milestone occur in the past few days (and nights more like it) where her side gard rail has been taken away, Goodbye!!
At first the idea was prompted by me, to which she said yes, then later on in the night wanted it back up, however the next night , she was definate, "no cot, a big girl bed!!"  So in less than 12 months , she has basically toilet trained herself, and gone into a big girl bed (both at 18months) and now really IS a big girl, and she couldn't be happier and we couldn't be prouder!! Not that there is a competition with milestones and kids, however , it is a happy thought knowing other kids her age are still in nappies full time, let alone being nappy free , day AND night!!
Ok, enough of the braggin ( a mothers right of course!!) and onto her room.
She went for a trip out to my sisters farm last night with my parents, a spontaneous decision by her grandparents but one she just loved ( and was exhausted so much so she slept in !! shock horror!!)
So, I had a bit of spare time on my hands, twins are a down sight easier without a toddler aswell!
And this is what I created, a gorgeous bunting for her room. I have wanted to make one for ages and never got around to it, and now I love it!! Simply made with ribbon, not binding, and cut around the edge with pinking shears (mine are from Ikea) . I am thinking of making some for the next Baby and Kids market, think they'll be a hit!!

We also cleaned out her cupboard and drawers (boy does she grow out of clothes fast!!) and I found this;

A gorgeous princess curtain hoop, and just for now , we attached it to the ceiling with a plastic stick on hook , and its doing the job so far, but now we know she loves it, cos she could have quite easily have hated it too!, we will hang it by a proper hook.
These are a few of my other favourite things in her room;


Motivational cards for kids, I read them to her when she gets dressed in the morning!!

Drawers full of goodies, handpainted and bought for a song, but needs a makeover!!

And not forgetting the clip holder she got for her birthday from her Aunty Kristy at Bread N Butter Factory, very full now, but this was Kristy's first protype and we feel privaledge to be the owners!! Check out my sisters new gorgeous blog HERE.

This is the footstool/ seat that I recovered and painted yesterday, I have another to do , so will post pics of the process, I purchased these of the Buy and Sell facebook sight for $5 for a pair!! We sit on it each night and read books before lights out.

And this piece of gorgeous artwork from Ollie Rose needs to be hung;


So there you have it, a room fit for a princess, and ever growing with her precious soul!  Lots of other ideas , but its all a matter of time.

I have just the twins home today, so hoping to achieve a few things, however , I don't like my chances, that cough I was talking about, well its actually Bronchiolitis, and both babies have it. I took them up to After hours care at the hospital Saturday night, and we narrowly escaped a hospital stay, but they do seem to be getting better. Poor little poppets!! I hate winter, bring on Summer! (famous last words!!)

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  1. The room looks beautiful and very inspiring to me. I want to do my girls room up for christmas so you've given me a few ideas! Thx for sharing.


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