Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothing like I had planned!

The weekend was better infact!

This life well it's slipping right through my hands

These days turned out nothing like I had planned

Control well it's slipping right through my hands

These days turned out nothing like I had planned................
We are home from our weekend getaway to the big smoke, and boy was it a great one!
Powderfinger were......... amazing!! Nuf said!!
Nope can't stop there, they were just awesome, the best concert we have been to by far, and Noel and I have seen quite a few bands, at quite a few concerts (thanks to young and carefree days being my own boss!!) You know how on the talent shows the judges always tell the people to put meaning into a song, "feel it" well Bernard Fanning, felt it !! He breathed it, he owned it!! During the song "These Days" the lyrics above, he was teary, close to crying, he felt it! And Noel and I had our first night out alone , in a VERY long time!! Date night was fantastic, and all thanks to my amazing parents xo
Here is a pic, self portrait of course, sorry about my nostrils!! haha but we always used to take pics like this at concerts, we'd be very intoxicated of course and high on life, love and good music but much the same, only this time it was stone cold sober, rushing out the door after doing the bed/bath/dinner routine with our littlies and being waved off by my oldies!! haha oh how ironic!!

The next day however, we went for a lovely breakfast in the gorgeous South Perth, and then off to the Zoo! We were going to meet friends, but plans changed and we set off on our own!!
Stella LOVED the Zoo, actually , that is an understatement, she was so excited she skipped and ran around the paths, shrieked when she saw animals and was very hard to distract to move on!! Its such an amazing age for them, discovery at its best!!
Her favourite animals were the Elephants , Crocodiles and the Monkeys (Orangutans!!).

At this stage I feel the need to point out that we were at the Zoo for the morning until 2pmish, and yes, this is when the AFL Grandfinal was being played!! My sport freak , know all this useless trivial info, football loving husband was spending the time at the Zoo with his family, instead of watching the game!! Now that is a dedicated and special Dad and Husband!! Don't get me wrong, a few conversations were had with other men at the Zoo, but he missed it. For us. For his Daugher. Thats special. He said he figured he could always watch a replay but could never get the time back , so true, just shows nothing matters but family, and we count ourselves very lucky to have him! And what a game it was apparently!! Oh well, at least he didn't miss the actual decision as its being played again this week because of a draw!!

Our precious poppet!
Stella and Dad seeing the Zebras

We returned to Ikea to collect a few bargain bar stools that arvo, along with every other man and his dog apparently and were supposed to catch up with other friends for a late arvo meal but they were busy too, hmmm, not on a good run, oh well, early night for us, and lucky, the babies have been waking every 2 hours, BOTH OF THEM!!
Sunday, it was a morning at Whiteman Park, if you haven't been there, and you have kids, do yourselves a favour and GO!! Stella had a BALL!! We had a morning at the park, a trip on the train and a looksee at the lake and ducks. There is heaps more there to see and do, a Wildlife park which we would like to return to next time, a Automobile Museum, a Waterpark and other shops/cafes. Our only regret was that we didn't have a full day to spend there, next time, next time!!

And how ironic, we bumped into friends on the train, from Geraldton of course, typical, but it was great for a chat and catch up!
So there you have the weekend that was nothing like we had planned but fantastic all the same. We don't get to spend anything longer than 1 day as a family, so just doing that and we would have been happy!
When we arrived home last night, it was dinner/bath/bed for the kiddies and us too! Nothing better than sleeping in your bed, regardless of the good time you have had!
Today was a busy home one, we finally put up the photowall I have wanted for the past few years!! We have been holding off as we have been always doing the house up for sale, however, we have since decided to stay in our house, and make it ours. Fall in love with it and make it our home. And I can't wait!! The brain is going into overdrive with endless possibilites and ideas!! Stay tuned !
Did anyone do the Thankful List? I couldn't stop thinking of others afterwards too! Hmmm its a great way to think though!
On a finishing note , I just wanted to thank anyone who is reading this. Thankyou for taking the time out of your busy lives to share in mine, thanks for caring, thanks for commenting, thanks for mentioning it on Facebook. I know alot of you haven't clicked the "follow" button , ( I know setting up a Google Account is a PIA, but its good to follow and manage other blogs) but quite a few have mentioned they read on my Facebook page, and I feel very honoured!! If there is any questions or you want me to show you something or see something in my home/life etc , all you have to do is ask. I am not a superwoman by any means, just a simple Mum, wife, worker, that enjoys creating and redoing things, like I have said, it makes the mundane parts of my life, all worth it!! Please share yours, I'd love to see them!
Off to bed, clean sheets tonight, oh how I love clean sheet night!! Whats better is, clean sheets, freshly shaved legs and clean pyjamas, OMG!!
The simple things ....


  1. You were at Whiteman Park and didn't call me??? I live about 5 mins from there and would have loved to catch up! Ring me next time you are headed to Perth please missy :D

  2. Hey Krista, is that YOU? LOL ;) Did she tell you we have met since she moved down here Liz? NEXT time... we can have a twin mum catch up ok????


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