Friday, September 17, 2010

one of those....

days here today. You know the ones? 3 kiddies sick with coughs, a sensitive 2 year old and 2 babies. Life was grand today, but tomorrow is a new day. And Saturday, Dads Day at our house. A day where I say "seeya" at 7:30am when its full on with 3 kiddies (like he does 5 days a week) and go and be a big girl for a day. Talk, laugh, snip, foil, EAT!! But... I do miss my beautiful babies and look forward to feed time and home time!!

But for now, a reminder, hell I need it today;

Jewellery wearing,
Sultana eating,
skirt loving,
molar teething,
sensitive crying,
big questioning,
ball throwing,
kangaroo jumping,
banana liking,
pro painting,
tantrum throwing,
patience testing,
sweet smiling,
koala hugging,
hand holding
butterfly kissing
gorgeous big Stella Star.

We love you to bits gorgeous girl, but oh what a testing 2 year old!! Nothing abnormal, just 2 years old, and its a hard life!!

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  1. OH MY, I'm so sorry the kids are sick, I have 2 at home sick as well but at least they aren't little babies. Hang in there! Thanks for your visit!


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