Monday, September 13, 2010

To Market to Market to buy a...............

Fat pig? No, but LOTS of other goodies!! What a whirlwind trip to the big smoke! We left Saturday after I finished work at the salon (about 3pm departure) and got home at 8pm last night!! But... boy was it worth it!! Our beautiful little people were absolute gems on the way down, slept, talked , gooed , all the good stuff, however the trip home was something different.... unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, they were really really good, until Eneabba, alas, this time, they cracked the poopies but a quick switcheroo of seats with Mummy to the back and it was under control with the help of some yummy food. Food = winner!!
Right, onto the good stuff!! I mut begin with stating the absolute obvious!! How many super duper talented people are in this world? Ah hello Liz, heaps you say!! Well then, how many are in this wonderful state of ours? Heaps ,and it only take a trip to Upmarket to make one realise pretty quick smart!
My mum , crafty sister and I , had a great peruse around the market, and I must thank Kristy, my big sister, for "looking like a Mummy" much to her disgust, and carrying my big boy Max in a Baby Bjorn on her front, whilst I carried Lacey girl on my front in a pouch like a little koalo with her head popping out and watching everyone!! For anyone who has been to Upmarket, they will know, that prams are a no go, and such a hinderance to ones serious shopping abilities and we did not want to risk any handicaps to the latter!!
For anyone interested, and I urge all , the website link for Upmarket is here.
Take a gander at my amazing purchases, I must say in my defense too, I DID buy a few Xmas pressies, birthday pressies and had a list of "wants" and crossed them all off  = one happy stoked Liz!!
Amazingly gorgeous things from Craftapalooza, her website is HERE
My Gorgeous Apple pincushion and drawing pins!!
My free "gift" for letting her know I was an avid blog follower!!

My Mother In Laws Xmas gift

Lacey Lous Christmas gift, a Poppet from Pikelet Workshop (Facebook Page), Jen is amazing!! And I have been a follower of her on Facebook for a while now and it was awesome to see her goods in person, so much better, just gorgeous!

Amazing felt creations from Happy As Larry, I did get a gorgeous mobile too so I will post a pic when it is up!

This gorgeous pendant from a little frenchy stall, there were lots of jewellery ones , so I can't remember the name

And the items at the top of my "wish List" all in there stunning and glorious beauty. From the top, a casserole carrier in the gorgeous Amy Butler Lotus fabric, an ironing board cover (like I iron,meh) , a tea cosy in the lotus fabric too, and a uber adorable oven mit!!All stunning and better in real life, from the Modern Homewares, HERE is her Etsy store!

And.. how devine are these? So antiquey (ok I made that word up, but doesnt everyone?!) and I just love the sparkle and colour!! For moi of course!!

Ok, no trip to Perth is complete (well not one that lasts only 18 hours anyway, without a trip to Harbour Town, and Cotton On Kids, I love it , and its so great for boys clothes, and I picked up these letters, and I will be using these and a few more for a future project so stay tuned!!

Now, I know, call me silly, but I do not feel like I have finished a day off properly without "creating something", and I know people will giggle at that, knowing my life, however it somehow makes all the hard stuff, the dual crying, the spewing, the nappies, the toilet trips, the cleaning, the washing, the cooking, the wages, the salon duties, and all the other guff thrown in, all better, and rosy and ..... quite literally ... bearable. On days when I just want to curl up into the feotal position and rock myself to sleep (haha ok ok a little over exageration, but you get the gist , yes?)
                                                                  So here is todays.......
Remember this? The whiteboard from the last post? Well this is it now.....

A gorgeous , covered magnet board for my favourite things......
And here it is complete with a few piccies and making good use of those magnets from Craftapalooza!! I have actually made some myself and they will be on sale at the Baby and Kids market in November!
This makeover was too , too easy. I just traced my board on the reverse side of my fabric, sewed around all but one edge , making sure the ribbon was in place (note the ribbon is different than what I had previously photographed but I like this better!!) and then hand stitched the opening!! Now just the finishing touch, going onto the wall "HUBBY, I have a job for you!!"

I got this great idea out of an amazing book and one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner

And my project from last week;

;Coasters, these too will be available at Baby and Kids market and online at Bizzy Dayz soon!!

Now, for tomorrows project, transforming this;

Into something special for somewhere in my home!! (Purchased off a Buy and Sell Facebook page for $8!!)

Ok... so there you have it, lots of Amazings, and Loves but thats me at the moment, loving and amazed at EVERYTHING!

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