Tuesday, September 21, 2010

mirror mirror, on the wall....

Remember this, from this post, well , look at it now, in all its glory, perched on my wall, waiting to greet people as they walk through the door!

I must say, I am chuffed with it, and surprisingly , so is Noel. He made comment,( a rarity) and its amazing the way it lightens up the whole area, reflecting light. I do think though, that I would like to get some distressing or aging paint/ink and rub over the details a bit more !

Not forgetting another small part of my day yesterday, making yummy scrummy food for our babies. I love making food for them, and very rarely use prepackaged or jar products, not that I am against them for others but I love making fresh food for our children, and knowing they are getting nutritious meals.

And boy do they love it too!!

Enjoy your Tuesday, lovely sunny weather here today! Magic as my Mum would say!

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  1. Just letting you know I can comment!!!!!!!!!
    YAY!!!! xo


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