Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another First..

A few weeks ago, I was bullied (yes bullied!! ha) into giving our little poppets their first haircut!! Lacey didn't really need one, but it never hurts to trim baby hair and she did have a bit of a long bit at the back. And Max, well he had a curly, mullet that I just LOVED, however, his Dad and Grandma, did not. So.. the decision was made to make our little baby boy, look like a big boy!!

They were both, so so good. Sat in the highchair, with their little heads poking out the top of the cape and enjoyed all the attention they were receiving!! It does help to have their Mum cut their hair, for calming purposes! And I must admit, their hair is alot better since, but I do miss Max's curls, and I hope they come back soon!

So excited!!

Sitting so still while her heffa Mum cuts the back bit off!

And Max, the big boy, loved it aswell!

Max , too busy looking around!

Sweet boy

Another first to add to the list, and another tear to wipe away for me. Sniff Sniff, my babies are growing up, and I am sure in the next few days/weeks, I will realise , just how big they really are! x


  1. OOOh I'm so glad I've found your blog! And your another twin mummy!! Double Yay!!
    I always dread giving my kids a haircut, so daddy gave the boys one yesterday and it looks so much better now!

  2. How handy not having to go to the hair dressers, lol. Unfortunately they will look grown up in no time with a baby in the house. that's the downfall isn't it, when the youngest seems to grow up in less than 24 hours.


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