Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Crafting

Earlier on in the week, we had a little Halloween painting session. First up we did some Pumpkins (just orange circles then the leaves and stalk were handprints) and they look fantastic, but are still in progress! Then the kids painted these cool masks. I saw the printable on Pinterest, and knew it would be perfect, and easy!! There are 4 different types to choose from -  a pumpkin, an owl, a cat and a ghost.

And here they are finished!! I just glued them to some orange card and cut around them again. I also just used ribbon to tie them , instead of Elastic, my kids tend to not like elastic and it freaks me out a bit!

So very proud!! Lacey did a fantastic job painting this time, she dipped her brush and stroked. She is really getting it , and loving it too. Max however, hmmm , he likes to finger paint, have a taste and just make mess!!

 The masks-  Stella's Lacey's and Max's -  after they have finished playing, I will just adhere them to some paper and put it in their art folder!

              If you are interested in creating some yourself, the printables are available HERE.


  1. I love that you use a big sheet for your kids crafting. Very smart.
    Another idea we often use instead of elastic (because we'd go through so much) is attaching an icypole stick to th bottom and then they can hold it up to their face.

  2. They look so proud of themselves and that's the best bit

    P.S you need to do a house tour... your house (what i can see of it) looks gorgeous!!

  3. Ohh thanks Mandy, yes a popstick would be perfecct, especially since the twins are not liking anything on their faces at the moment!!
    And a sheet = totally necessary, my children are messy creatures!

    Thanks for visiting Laura, and yes, so very very proud, got to love it!!

    Hmm house tour, good idea, its nothing special, but we love our home!

  4. I agree your house is gorgeous Liz!!
    Love the Halloween crafts, your kiddos are too cute, you can tell they are enjoying themselves!! x


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