Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Life Update

As previously mentioned, my nights of late have been filled with some serious Project Life catching up!!
I am now proud to say, I have only September to print and journal for. Yippeeeeee!
Then , before we know it, the baby will be here and the months will fly by and I will have millions of photos to scrap and fill my binders with!
To co-incide with my PL motivation, I have also started Scrapbooking classes , every fortnight. I am seriously loving it!!
I get to walk out of home, usually just as the kids are getting into their beds, and spend the next 2 hours creating a beautiful Lay out and learning some pretty cool new tricks!! I just needed something for me, we make time as a family for DH to go to sport training, games etc, but this is my time.

Anyway back to Project Life.  (Warning, this is where the photos begin, yep, photos of photos, who knew!!)
 Seeing as though so many people that I know have made the decision to do PL for next year, and a few have asked me about my album, I thought I would share some here.
Our year has now spread over 2 albums, first and second half of the year. Its pretty much our only way of documenting our photos for our family, other than my Scrapbooking layouts (which I use the really good pics for ) and our Holiday Albums (where I scrap and journal on our holidays as there is always alot of photos from them)

Not everything is up to date. I have a fair few spots that need photos (its a matter of going back through and finding them on the computer and getting them printed) and doing some special Lay outs for them (there may have been quite a few photos from an occasion or day that I want to show all of them on a full layout). But these can all be done anytime, and as long as the journalling and dates are done, I am set!

An enlargement from Australia day, with a bifold journalling card trimmed down . Note behind, I need to finish the
Aussie Day Layout.
I like to save alot of bits and pieces from the year, like this cutting from the Newspaper of Noel playing waterpolo, so this is a 12 x 12 LO and on the reverse is another clipping (he had a run in the media!!)

A layout from our Trip to Perth, throughout the album I have used the PL paper but also some from my stash to mix it up a bit!

Our Easter crafting page. I wanted to document all of these photos, and kept it pretty simple, just with a few chipboard stickers. I leave all the fuss for my Scrapbooking Layouts, PL is just about documenting day to day life for us.

An 8.5x 11 Page with a bit of extra keepsake stuff from the concert. Ticket, brochure etc, the reverse is more photos!

An 8 x8 Page, with some pretty cool photos!!

A few 5 x 7 Page Protectors (these are actually from Kikki K and are a bit stronger than normal PP, perfect for harder things like cards) for my Mothers Day cards. Cute hey!

To the left an 8x8 Page of the kids watching Dad mow the lawn, and a 8.5 x 11 on the right with some sister love!

On the right , is a We R Memory Keepers Page Protector , which come in handy for all of those vertical photos that you end up with, and after a day in the sun, I had plenty!

And a We R Memory Keepers on of Horizontal photos (on left) , all the same day so no journalling needed.

A weekly starter card, but this one is for the start of August. So I added some simple stickers and a little journalling to sum up the month that was!

And some Project Life essentials, if you are participating next year. My PL tin, with all the things I need, (Amazing Idea from Jade for SOM) and a few sticker books from Kikki K.
I have used the lettering, stickers,  corner stickers and borders from these books to just jazz up a few layouts and weekly starter pages. They are good for anything , and better still Kikki K has a sale on at the moment, but you have to be a fan of their Facebook page!

The tin is great, as sometimes I journal whilst sitting on the bed , and spread everything out or do it in another room, so I can easily transport all the spare Journalling cards, pens, sticker books , everything!

And just a few Layouts from Class, I LOVE these pages!!

And a few I did at home, by myself. Self Motivated and everything!! Proud of myself! ha

Well there you have it, hope you like our album so far! Its still a work in progress and VERY simple, but as I have said, its simply a way to document our life for the year 2011, moments big and small. The kids love it, I love it and its so nice to look back on!!
Do yourselves a favour and order it!!


  1. Great to see your project life ! Have a great day

  2. I wish I had more time to do crafty things!

    Liz, do you know if you can make beads with paper?

  3. I love love love your scrapbooking liz! I have tried to have a go at it but just don't have that creative flare!

  4. thanks girls!!
    Tania, I am loving the classes!
    Kirby, yes you can make beads out of paper, then you would apply Modge podge over the top, maybe quill them?
    Rikki- Project Life is so easy, no flair needed


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