Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mexican Bean Wraps

I love finding a meal that the whole family loves, EATS and its cheap and healthy too!
I got the inspiration for this meal off a friends Facebook Status about having Burritos for tea, and I was writing out our meal plan. That was it.

Its very simple, and if you have older kids, they can put them together themselves, picking and choosing their own salads etc. I remember doing this with Tacos as a kid.

Now we are lucky, Stella absolutely LOVES , loves, Mexican food. Nachos, tacos, these wraps, enchiladas,you name it. If your child does , hmm goodluck!!


A tin of Refried Beans (we use the NO chilli version)
Lemon or Lime Juice
Minced Garlic
Packet of Taco Seasoning ( I use the Woolworth Select brand)
Sour Cream
Jar of salsa
Burrito or Tortilla Wraps

And Wedges to serve

In a medium Saucepan, add the whole tin of Refried beans (we have leftovers after 2 adults and 3 kids, but they don't eat lightly, so maybe just half a tin if you want!)
Squirt in 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice (I use the bottle type, whatever works I say), and add a teaspoon of minced garlic and stir.
Also sprinkle about half a packet of Taco Seasoning ( this has a little bite to it, but it never bothers my kids, because of the sour cream but add it as desired).
Give it all a stir and bring to the boil. Then turn off.

Meanwhile, dice your tomatoes, chop lettuce and grate the cheese reading for serving and make sure your wedges (if you are having them) are in the oven.

With the Tortillas, I just lightly toast each side in a large frypan, it is fiddly but I can only make one wrap at a time and they taste better!!
With the toasted wrap, spread some of your bean mix through the middle area, then swipe on some sour cream and salsa if you like (sometimes we use it , sometimes we don't) and tomatoes, cheese and lettuce and roll into a wrap.

Serve with wedges, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (for adults). ( I like to serve with wedges incase Max and Lacey decide its a day when they don't want to eat the wraps)

I meat free, cheap meal option that can cater for up to 4-5 adults or lots of kids!!

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of them, I will be sure to take one next time we have them, but they get eaten too quick!!

NOTE- We had leftover refried bean mix, as we had these for tea on Friday night , so I used the left overs, spread over the bottom of a small glass casserole dish, then spread the left over salsa, then the sour cream (I mixed some taco seasoning in it) , then some tomatoes and another layer of salsa and sour cream and served it as a Layered Nacho dip with CC's for the AFL Grand final on Saturday . (It was just DH, Stella and Myself watching but it was a nice thing to have and it was all leftovers anyway!)

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