Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Neutral Nursery

So I am up, its 2:02am and I just can NOT seem to fall asleep, so in fear of copping another grumpy outburst from darling (snoring!!) husband, I kindly removed myself from the bed and retired to the couch for some web action. Any entertainment will do!!
Why is it, that if I lay my head down during the day , I can fall asleep within a split second, yet at night time, when the house is still and quiet and its the perfect time for sleeping, I just can not. Insomnia sucks!!
I even watched the Episode of "One Born Every Minute" that I missed as I was out tonight. (Its a series on childbirth , set in a UK hospital at 8:30pm on SBS). It was purhaps, most definately, something I should not have viewed at this point in time, however there is something about childbirth that just reels me in. The emotion, the reactions, everything. So maybe the Insomnia isn't so bad after all?!!

Anyway, here to share some little bits of our VERY gender neutral Nursery. We have left the sex a surprise for our final addition to our family, and I just can't wait to find out!! So I decided to strip back the nursery, take off the decals and just go with a beige/white look with hints of green. All perfect for a little baby blue or soft pink to be added when the occasion calls!!

We are lucky enough to have borrowed a cradle for the bub to sleep in, seeing as though our cots are in use for the time being! Thats another job on the list, putting the twins in beds, but they are too mischeivious for their own good !!

My gorgeous chair that has lived in our room, in a new home. with some burp clothes waiting on the sidetable.

The changetable, pretty simple, the BABY sign I bought when I was expecting The twins, and its from Bed Bath and Table.

And the toiletries caddy. I bought this at a market about a year ago, and am finally finding a use for it. This way all the bubs essentials, will be easily transported to wherever needed , however most of the time it will live on the laundry bench)

As I said, very simple and neutral, I am desperately waiting to start creating and decorating for our new addition. Or more I am desperately waiting for our new addition!!!
Hmm off to try and catch some Zzzzz's!


  1. Hey Liz loving your posts. Wow the nursery looks amazing. 2 questions did you recieve your prize from my blog( Bostitos products) and secondly the photos you have taken on your bed I couldn't help notice the green cushion on you r bed, where di dyou get it. It would go perfect with my beddding.

  2. Hi Liz. I love that show! I love watching birth shows. Your nursery looks very beautiful and calming. I hope you get some sleep soon.

  3. Liz just gorgeous...not long now until a little bubba's sleeping in there :)

    And I eye-spy a little EmaNess, love those lady's products!

  4. wow looks great, you must be getting excited now!

  5. Thanks girls, its all waiting, and I am getting rather impatient!!!


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