Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Things About Me- Tagging Game

In this wonderful world of the internet , I have met (virtually of course) , some VERY talented and wonderful women, and I have been lucky enough to be tagged by two of them to participate in a Tagging Game. Thanks to Clare from The HOME She Made  and Bianca from A Little Delightful. I LOVE these girls blogs, so please spare a minute to check them out for yourself!
WARNING: you may need several (hundred) hours for perusing past posts!

Right, back to the 10 Things About Me, hmmm such a tricky one, believe it or not! Trying to think of quirky things about yourself, I should have asked my Hubby, however, I am sure he would have thought of all the negative things!
Here is goes;

1) I am a bit of a clean freak. I like a clean floor and benchtops, everything to have a place and I tend to put the toys away in the Toy Room hundreds of times a day. It makes me feel better, thats all I can say! ha. My house is along way from immaculate, and it could always be cleaner and more organised, but I think its pretty good for the chaos that reins here on an everyday basis!

2) I am 26 (and a half) years old. Have done a Hairdressing Apprenticeship, owned a salon for 5 years and am now a Stay at Home Mum, so much in such little amount of time. No wonder life was crazy!

3) I hate custard!! Seriously. That warm, yellow, gooey stuff nearly makes me gag! ICK. VERY very rarely, something sweet might be around and if I feel like it, I might try it, but as a general rule. I just don't like the stuff. Crazy I know! And cream?! Only on scones, that is it!!

4) Like SO many other people participating in this tagging game, I too, have a "Foot thing". I may of spoken about it before, but my feet are a bit precious to me. haha. I can NEVER, EVER go to bed with dirty feet. Even in the good old nightclub days (very few of them mind you) but I would shower when I got home, or at least wash my feet in the bath. NOTHING worse than going to bed with dirty feet, yuck! 
I moisturise them every night, and if I have to get out of bed for some reason, I have to re apply the cream. EVERY. TIME.
I also sleep with one foot hanging out of the covers, all the time. Rain ,hail or shine. The foot is out.
Weird huh!

5) I know in my last post I spoke about my special friends, but I am also blessed that I have 2 gorgeous friends, that are always going to be in my life.
My husband- met him at 17, engaged at 18, married a month after I turned 20 and our first bub at 23 (and now 3 babies and 3 years later) , He is honestly my best friend. LOVE him to bits, always will, and I really treasure that we are best friends and partners. I think its so important that you have great communication in a relationship, and we have that! xo
My Mum- She is my rock. The hardest worker I know (apart from my Dad) , she thinks about EVERYONE before herself, is always there for me and I can tell her everything, well nearly ;)

6) One day, I hope to be a teacher. I would love to study, Early Childhood and be a kindy/Preschool/ Year 1 teacher.  One day

7) I love summer, hate winter. Can't stand being cold, and love spending time outside and the beach! However, its strange that I have a really HOT body. Always have hot hands and feet , and its rare that I wear a jumper in winter, but I hate it all the same! If only I had that perfect bather body, not likey from this little duck!

8) I am impatient. Like the most impatient person you will ever meet, and unfortunately , it seems all our kids have inherited this from me ! Oh dear! Lucky for us, Darling Husband and Dadddy, is VERY patient, and helps to even things out a little ;)

9) I like cheesy TV series, chick flicks and trashy shows. Not that I get a chance to watch them anymore, but give me a disc set of One Tree Hill, 90210, Better with You , all that teenage/predictable stuff and I am in heaven! Hmm Now to organise something to watch when feeding in the middle of the night . Normally I watch Sex and the City, for like the 100th time, season by season, but its time for a change!

10) Last but not least, I am a compulsive washer! As in doing the laundry. Everyday. If its laying around, it gets washed. My husband has taken to hiding things so they don't get washed and get a good wear first! I just hate baskets full, nothing better than washing on the line, folded and put away in the same day!!
Now that would have been negative thing my DH would have suggested!!
So I am now tagging a few people to continue the game; Quite a hard task as everyone seems to have already participated! But passing on to
The wonderful girls at Ollie Rose   and
Mandy from A Little Space Like Home

Anyway, small, trivial and uninteresting, but about me all the same! Now you can't get those 10 minutes of your life back, but I hope you had a good chuckle!


  1. Thanks for sharing your quirkiness Liz. I too am a compulsive washer. My husband get so annoyed with me always washing his clothes when apparently he's only worn it for 5 minutes!

  2. I never knew you were younger than me:) well there you go:) xo

  3. Thanks for passing on Liz, I just did this last week! It's a great one for those random things though.
    I too love warm weather. Fortunately for you, you're in a much better location for it. Melbourne is not so kind.

  4. Kaz, that sounds so very familiar!! haha
    Karen, I am a tender 26 ;)

    Mandy, oopsie, sorry you have already done it!


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