Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A spooky house!

October is the month for Halloween, albeit on the 31st, but thats ok. Considering we are due to have our bub on the 28th, I decided to get in early with a bit of Halloween decorating and organising!

I know that Halloween is an American tradition, however, I believe its important for our kids to know about and understand traditions from other countries as well, and hey, its just a bit of fun!!

Our display this year is pretty simple, and VERY cheap to put together, but I have just purchased a few goodies from Pottery Barn Kids! eeek

Alot of my inspiration and decorations were found through Pinterest, with heaps of free printables available. I had all of the frames already on hand, so it was just a matter of printing, cutting and filling them. Sometimes I get the printables done at the camera shop, they are much better quality and colouring than when done on my home printer obviously, but these don't look too bad!!

This awesome Trick or Treat Print is available HERE, I decided to stick with a basic colour theme , and it made it alot easier to decide on what prints to use, there are soooo many out there, the decision was VERY hard!!

The Subway art Print in the frame on a stand is from HERE
And the Eat , Drink and be Scary Print is from HERE
The Owl is a tealight holder and actually always sits at the entrance, the pumpkins are plasic and from Red Dot, I think there were $2 each and the little spiders are confetti, bought in a pack on Clearance at Spotlight after Halloween last year ( I have a box labelled with the different events , Ie; Fathers Day, Easter, Halloween etc and I just add to them when I pick up things cheap along the way.

The spiderwebs were just bought in a pack from Red Dot. You just pull it all apart and hang where you wish. They come with a spider or 2 in the pack, but I bought a pack of spiders last year after Halloween on clearance at Spotlight, so I added them into the web aslo.

You will notice that everything is towards the back of the buffet!! I am not Silly!!
Having two 18 month olds aroung, you learn to not put anything within reach!! They have Go Go Gadget arms!!

There you are, a little welcoming Spookiness at the Morrison house, and just yesterday we did a few craft activities , when they are finished, I will share!!


  1. We are celebrating halloween too, it's just simply good fun. My kids are loving it.

  2. Lovely:) Joshua and I are looking forward to our first Halloween over here in Canada:)

  3. Ohh its been great fun!!
    Karen- enjoy your first Halloween over there, how exciting!


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