Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nearly 18 months

And LOVING cake!! Actually any food for that matter!
Can you believe it?! Max and Lacey are nearly 18 months old!!
Full of cheek and bravado, happy as larry one minute and cranky as anything the other.
They have started to fight like cat and dog, and the next minute, be tackling each other for cuddles.
Quite the little self feeders, and the mess is definately decreasing (thankGOD!)

Lacey LOVES strawberries and kiwi fruit, Max doesn't
Max LOVES apple and pear, Lacey doesn't
Lacey's witching hour starts at 5pm,
Max's starts at 4pm, (haha)
Lacey's favourite word at the moment is "Playschool"
Max's is "hat"
Lacey loves handbags , dolls and necklaces,
Max loves hats and shoes.

LOVING Chocolate cake!

And painting on the window with the icing!! hmmmm

And saying "CHEEEEESSSSEE" for Mum!

And saying it with a choc cake face aswell!
They are the most emotional, lovable, affectionate little people EVER!

                                    Their bond is growing more and more each and every day,
They give each other a goodnight kiss , each and every night.
They stroke each other when upset or sick
Bu they also like to steal toys off one another, on purpose, just to stir!!

Max and Lacey really are a gift. A special little surprise for our family, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think (usually when they are sleeping ) that we are the luckiest parents, and family

And just because he is CUTE! Max is loving his big sisters scooter, and has such confidence when using it!
Since when did my little babies grow up?  It only seems like yesterday that they were born,and I wrote THIS POST and yet, we are expecting another bub within days/weeks!!

The feelings I am having at the moment are definately mixed ones.
Excitement for finally being able to meet the hyperactive bambino inside,
Anxious of the labour / or possibility of another Caesarean Section
Concern about life afterwards with 4 kids under 3 1/2 years!! (ARGH)
Worry, about my little ones while I am in hospital, they will be well and truely well looked after by their father and Grandmother, but I will miss them, and I am sure they will miss me! ha
And now, the top of the list, exhaustion. This baby making bizzo is hard work, I have insomnia and am VERY uncomfortable, let alone running after, cleaning up after and performing damage control after 2 very active 18 month olds!
But we love them to bits!


  1. Wow 18 months!

    I actually remember chatting to you at the Old Goal just before these little cherubs came into this world. I was also (rather!!) large with bub #2 on the way and I remember being so bamboozled at even the thought of ever having two bubbas to cope with. I'm pretty sure the phrase "glad it's not me" crossed my mind...but I'm sure I should have been thinking "how lucky are you!!!"

    To look at these chubby, happy little faces shows what an awesome Mummy you must be and that you are definately doing more than something right!!

    Happy 18 months to your babes :)

    Oh and my lil 16 month old just LOVES being pulled along on his big brother's scooter too :)

  2. Ohh thanks so much Amanda!!
    It has been quite a journey over the past 18 months, a challenge to say the least!!!But they are completely adorable, and have the biggest personalities!!


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