Friday, October 1, 2010

Behind a man

So, I know this is a bit D & M but I kinda got to thinking a bit this week, after quite a few different things, about me, right.
Behind every great man, is an even greater woman , dare I say it! (Lucky I don;t have many male readers huh!!)
Exibit A) Anyone watch the footy show a week or so ago? They asked the AFL player Christ Judd ,if he had forgotten to shave? He ever so politely answered "No, Bec thinks I look a bit funny having a shaved head and face so I have to run with the shadow" haha . Now that is one successful man, with an even greater woman behind him! She knows what she wants, how she wants it, and he just goes with the flow (obviously the right way to go!!)
Chris Judd - 2010 Brownlow Medal
Now, Exibit B) When I was watching the Powderfinger concert, and looking up at the big screen to an emotional and teary lead singer Bernard Fanning, I got to thinking as to why someone would want to give it up?! Why would you want to throw it all in, and Bernard was the one who told the band he was done, when you had the world at your feet, millions in the bank and fans screaming for you? Well family of course, his wife, and child, live overseas. It takes a pretty big woman to let their husband travel the world , whist they remain at home and parent their child. Now that is a greater woman, and obviously the reason behind his emotion and cause for the bands spilt. But never the less, a MUCH greater woman, behind a great man.

And lastly but definately not least, and I am bound to think of others, and have done over the last week; I follow a blog, one of many. But I stumbled across this blog, and I can;t even remember where , and its called Its Twinsanity. Now I read this blog when I am having an shit "off" day. You know the ones, no need to explain here! Now this woman, has been parenting, and home school none the less, her 6 children, all by herself whilst her husband, has had  a large deployment to Iraq, for the 2nd time!! She has not one, but 2 sets of twins and he left when the youngest set were 3 months old. She has recently packed up her family, house , everything and has been travelling across America to where they will be living, an a Winnabago thing (sp sorry) by herself, with her 6 kids! Poo dumps, sickness ect.
Now don't get me wrong, I think its an azazing thing this man is doing for his country and he is a great man, but boy oh boy is this woman a greater woman!! Thankfully he has just returned, unharmed , and yes, I bawled when reading her post and seeing her pictures!! Do yourselves a favour and check it out!! Kinda puts things back into perspective and reality huh?

All around us, everyday, woman are doing extra ordianary things, men are too , yes. But most of the time a woman needs to run a house, take care of children, feed and nourish everyone and provide the emotional support that the family needs , and yes men are fantastic. Mine is no exception and I take him for granted every minute of every day, but sometimes , when I am having a bad day, its nice to know that without me, he wouldn't be so fantastic. Lots of things wouldn't get done, (or they would just not as good ;) and that no matter what, there is always someone out there who is doing it tougher!
The moral of my long winded story, girls, be proud, for what you achieve on a day to day basis, it may not be huge in your eyes, but without you, it wouldn't have got done at all, and whether they choose to tell you or not, men folk need us!! And secrectly, they do enjoy our antics! haha
My hsuband and I, pregnant with the twins


  1. I got me one of them smart men... you know the kind who knows how good he's got it and how to go with the flow... he MUST have great taste too (he chose me after all) and he is clever enough to tell me how wonderful I am every single day ;) Of course I think he is pretty damn special too (but I confess I DO sometimes forget to tell him so every day)... just call us a mutual admiration society... hey, it works for us! ;)

  2. Blogs need a like button. "LIKE"
    I like it alot and totally agree!!
    Men and women can definatly work as a great team! There are many amazing women out there who dont get recognized...and men too :) So its nice to show them how important they are!


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