Sunday, October 3, 2010

Useless stuff

We all know how much I love Sundays. Fun and family = favourite day! Today was no exception, I headed off the the Annual Patchwork and Craft fair , and had a ball. Scored some goodies, picked out the twins Christening outfits and I seriously can't believe the amazingly clever people in our town!!
We had a BBQ lunch with friends, the kids played happily and we chatted away the sunny arvo, ahh bliss!! I LOVE summer!!
To top it off, we got a phone call from the Horrocks Beach Chalets (we have been on the waiting list since Dec 09) and we are in!! So we are excited already about a week in the gorgeous little place, leaving Boxing Day. I seriously can not think of a better way to recover from the crazy Christmas season in the salon!!

Today I'd like to share 10 totally useless facts and info about myself, and would like to pass the challenge onto other fellow bloggers to do the same, so these are the blogs I am paying it forward to; Kristy from Bread N Butter Factory ,  Jess from My Family Our Home and fellow twin Mum Anne-Marie from Curiosity Killed The Cat. Love to see your useless stuff too, its always the best stuff to know!

My 10;
1) I HATE brocolli, its gross, don't mind it raw, but cooked bleh!! Its the texture, all furry and stuff
2) My eyes change colour with my moods and emotions, sometimes blue, sometimes green
3) I drive a "mini van", and I LOVE it!!
4) I have a 'thing' for white, if you hadn't noticed!!
5) Noel and I have been together for 7 1/2 years, doesn't sound like long, but it is when you are only just 25!!
6) My favourite colours are Orange, green and wait for it - White of course!!
7) I don't like white chocolate, custard or fresh cream. Weird I know, but its true, yucky!
8) I am a Sex and The city fan, like BIG time, know each season, episode, lines , the whole lot!
9) At primary school, I was a book worm, I still love books and reading, but I used to organise them in alphabetical order, just like at the library, and pretend I was a teacher!
10) My favourite things in my life are my 3 adorable children and one gorgeous (and 6ft 9in) husband!

That was harder than I thought, trying to think of stuff I haven;t already spoken about!!
 Off to bed, surprise suprise, the night owl having an early night!

Stay tuned , hopefully tomorrow I will post a pic of my GORGEOUS quilt top , made out of Anna Marie Horner fabrics. I got them on sale and my Mother in Law is a very talented quilter , remember she made this ,and she is making me one to throw over the couch and it is to die for!!
Night all, enjoy!
New wool for a new project!

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  1. I have completed the task you set for me Diz... a bit tricky in the end LOL xox


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