Monday, October 25, 2010

Clean Craft?

Is there such a thing?
Well we proved that there was today at our house.
As a continuation of colour Yellow week, we did some more craft. It seriously was so easy, even the craft misfortunates would be able to do it, easy peasy!
First, I found the big roll of clear contact that I had bought on clearance at Spotlight, I knew that I would put it to good use. ( I try and pick up craft items cheap if I can , that way you aren't reluctant to use them)

I cut a square piece out and removed the backing and placed it sticky side up. Stella then started putting all the items from the container , on the contact. We had wool, beads, paper cut outs, flowers, feathers,
 but you can use anything you like really, as long its in the colour range!

This is a great craft session to do if you don't like mess or you child is that bit young for glues.

Such concentration!!

Our audience. Just to show that having a baby , shouldn't deter you from crafting with your child, they were happy to watch. Its all in the timing!

So proud of her finished collage! I simply cut out another square to match, and placed it on the back. You can use it for a window card, placemat, or just a leadlight for the window.

As we have done here;

Our Yellow table is getting more full by the day

I have a few projects of my own on the go at the moment with some sewing for the next Baby and Kids Market, coming up mid November, so I will share with you soon. I have just made some gorgeous kids cooking aprons, perfect for the little helper and they will be at the market too!

I hope I am not boring everyone with all this kids craft but its apart of my day to day life, and thats what my blog is about. Its so fantastic to hear that I have stirred a few people up and encouraged them to start getting active at home with their kids. I have been sharing Ideas with a few friends, and its just so exciting! I do think too, that it doesn't matter how busy our lives get, we need to make time for our children and they everyone with reap the rewards  when they start school. We have a rule in our house, the TV is turned off between 10-3 , as when I was heavily pregnant with the twins, I didn't have the energy to do much, therefore the Tv was on all the time. Its amazing now that its not, how Stellas Imagination is running wild, her role playing is so vivid and our house has the most gorgeous quietness, besides some background music (or Playschool Music).

Hope everyone has a good evening, hmm what to do now that I am up to date with One Tree Hill and have to wait to Wednesday to view the next episode, sad case, but true.


  1. Oh Liz that looks like an activity right up my non crafty alley.

    Did you see our HMK post on coloured rice? Seriously cool, Ari loved it.

    I think I must go blog and link up now as I see an OR shirt in those pics :)

  2. Yep its great, no mess or handprints of glue everywhere!!
    Didn't see it but thanks for the heasds up, I am off to search HMK now!! Love your site!
    It is most definately her most prized OR shirt, she never wants to take it off!

  3. Liz, you are so talented to create such wonderful craft activities for your little girl, she looked like she loved it..... Oh & that yellow table is just too cute. ;-)

  4. I'm stealin this one too, thanks champ ;) P.S Keep them coming. Between you and all my teacher friends (especially Gem)I should be right for a while LOL
    Mel Hank x

  5. GREAT IDEA!!!
    Think ill have to do this one with Luke!! He will love it!! Your a great mum!! Love the whole educational thing your doing with Stella Star! Its awesome to see! Love you! xo... Make sure when you do 'J' I get a photo on the 'J' Table :)xo

  6. Oh I forgot to add, that I LOVE that photo of Max and Lacey sitting in their bouncers watching mum and Stel do craft, its just adorable.... They are so damn beautiful, makes me go mushy inside :)

  7. Hey Liz, another way to do clean craft with contact is put a layer sticky side down on a table (to make cleaning up easier) put some paint in the middle and stick another piece of contact over the top. Put some masking tape around the edges to seel it and hey presto, clean finger painting!

  8. I did this with Imogen a while back, good fun and a great idea...we just made flowers on paper bags, with pop sticks and patty we should get the girls together for craft one day...I want to try out a messy one with Imi involving paint and throwing and the back fence....Renee

  9. love it Liz! Keep them coming, after a couple of yrs of it i'm running out of the inspiration! Nic Kostal x


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