Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ok, it comes with the territory of having twins that you get continuously stopped by random people, who choose to explain their lives to you, touch your babies, give their opinions on your situation and just ask wayyyy too many personal questions! I am sure my fellow twin mummies out there agree 100%!!
I love having twins. I really do. They are so so special, and a real double blessing for our lives, however, they come with their drawbacks too!
When I was pregnant, I read a bit about twins, books, websites etc and they all explained about these "gawkers". I really didn't believe everything I had read, although , boy do I now!

Max, butter wouldn't melt

As I walk through town, as anyone does , with my children in their pram, I am constantly stopped, spoken to and smiled at. People are quite friendly but I have to say, I am getting sick of the same commments.
"Boy you have your hands full!" (with Stella on the front of twin pram in toddler seat!)
"ohhh how cute, twins"
"I always wanted twins"
"My twins are (random age) now"
"oh my twins were the same, one big , one small"

BUT my all time favourite;
"Are they identical?' (Love, they are Boy /Girl, thats a silly question!!)

AND the ones I don't like;
"Are they natural , or IVF?" (Hmmm why does someone think they have the right to ask me such a personal question? They are natural, but really, would I tell a stranger that we had fertility issues?)
"You poor thing!!"  ( Actually, I think I am pretty bloody lucky! Sure its not all tea and roses , but I prefer not to think of my babies as a burden thankyou!)

How good is waking up to this? Lacey

Having said all these nasty things about people, smack for Liz, there are some people that actually stop me to ask if I need help, to commend me on how put together I look, and how well behaved my toddler is, so it all evens out in the end!
But , I have to say, the downside is - 3 bibs each a day= 6 bibs x 7 days = 42 bibs a week!! Yep the story of my life at the moment, no wonder I was everyday!

Today was Stella's daycare day, and actually, nothing got created at home. I left the house at 10am and got home at 3pm!! Lots of jobs and running around to do, but I did buy the backing and wadding for my quilt and dropped it back to the MIL, sorry for those who were waiting for a pic, I forgot, but rest assured, it looks amazing!!
Tomorrow is a new day, a bit of crafting hopefully, more organising of the christening, Mothers Group, and having my niece and Stella's favourite person, Denbi, for a sleepover, but I am not sure much sleeping will get done!
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  1. OMG - look at that BEAUTIFUL gummy grin of Lacey!!!! That is just the cutest!!! I was only pregnant with one lizzy - but must admit i got sick of hearing "OMG your HUGE are you sure its not twins!" so i can only imagine how frustrating it was for you! (and apolagies if i ever said it lol)

  2. HI Liz, love your blog! Rest assured... you will become one of these gawkers in ten years time, who look lovingly at young twins in prams, smile and look at the new twin's parents... know what they have ahead, the joys and the drawbacks... and you will find yourself saying, "oh my twins are (random age)"
    keep enjoying the ride... it's wonderful!

  3. I'm in my 30s, I have an identical twin sister and people still gawk! When we were growing up we got teased really badly for being twins, it really was horrible. We are best friends and spend heaps of time together. I have sort of learned to tune out the staring. But, if we are with a non-twin friend then they will notice that we are getting stared at a lot! So crazy!!!!

  4. You have a beautiful family and it sounds like you are an amazing mum. :) Twins are such a blessing from heaven.

  5. Thanks everyone!!Yes, as much as all the gawking can get annoying when on a "quick shop run" I am sure I will miss it when they have grown up!

  6. I don't usually speak to random people with kids - but I must admit I do look a little longer at twins. I am going to say it. Our identical twin girls are now 6. What a ride! We use to get asked if they were both girls - when they were dressed in identical pink outfits!? Fortunately, we don't dress them the same now and the girls can speak for themselves!
    (Just came over for a sticky beak from your comment at Day to Day :-)


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