Monday, October 25, 2010

The big boy

I am sad. Very sad. Our big little boy is now sitting by himself. He has been more than able and strong enough to do it for a few weeks, but now he is really good. Its a sad day for a mother, especially knowing these are my last babies (hubby says so ) and I get sad thinking that. Don't know if I will ever feel the finished feeling, but 3 is a perfect number of children for us (we could end up with 5 if we tried for a 4th!!)

So here he is, our beautiful , smiley, cheeky boy Max;

At least I still have one little bubba, Lacey is still wearing some 000's and they are 6 months old!!

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  1. Ooh my precious fat boy!!!! And Lou Lou won't be far behind him either. They are growing way too quickly for my liking... where have those tiny babies gone? Congrats Mother Duck xxx


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