Thursday, October 7, 2010


The photowall is done. This is something I have wanted to do for such a long time, yet always refrained , as we were going to sell our house and move on. Not anymore. Plans have changed (for only the 100th time!!) and we are staying, are I feel really good about our decision for once, its amazing what kids do to you.
First off I set all the frames out on the floor, with the photos and played around with the layout until I was happy. (Most of the frames are Ikea, some Target, some Red Dot)

Anyway , this is before (sorry I did forget so it was actually blank)

And this is during;

We Noel has learnt the hard way, and something like this didn't work out, so this time we used the newspaper method I had seen on Better Homes and Gardens show on TV. It worked perfectly!! We simply traced around all the frames and cut them out of newspaper. We then sticky taped them to the wall and could adjust as we saw fit, then with drilling the hole, Noel could measure where the hanger should be and drilled right through the paper.

And this is after!! I LOVE IT!!
Sorry for bad lighting, will attempt another one!
Its in the heart of our home, opposite my kitchen bench and our main living area for all to see and me to admire on a day to day, (more like 1000 times a day) basis!!

I absolutely love photos, I love everything about them. Taking them, and having them (not so much being in them bleh) and so its really important to me to have them around. As the years go on, I will interchange the photos in the frames but at least that will be an easy task!!

I'm off to work, ( and really can't be bothered tonight, I love my job, but its hard to get motivated to go at night , with sleep deprivation, and a thumping headache!)
We had a great day , with Denbi my niece here. I have some beautiful photos to share, back later!


  1. looks fabulous! So hard to line them up isn't it. Well done.

  2. Gorgeous! Love it!! Looks better than i ever imagined! Well done xo


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