Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't sweat it!

I know I have said it already today, but I am trying not to sweat the small stuff. Its hard, but I am trying. What is also hard , is defining "the small" stuff, as when things are happening and you are having a bad day, small things can seem rather large.
I have had alot on my mind of late, mostly to do with the salon, but they have been significant enough to make me feel sick. Like physically ill. It takes alot to rattle me, but this week I have been shaking in my boots (Did I sound like Woody then?)
Snap out of it Liz, all these things don't matter, as long as your family is happy and healthy, but thats the thing, I am not so sure of it, poor Max has been screaming for a few days now, and yes, Poor Max, but poor Mummy too! It is heartbreaking when you child is upset and unsettled at the best of times, and there really hasn't been a reason for it, so I am worried about his health and am going to try and get another appt at the Paed soon, apparently there is a Locum here at the moment, might be promising. Its even more heartbreaking though when you have another baby that is a sympathetic crier, to her big brother.
I know I put a status on my Facebook page about twins , and I had a few comments from Mums of singletons, (its funny that I now call them that , when I didn't even know the word BT (before twins )) and yes, I know that being a mum of one child is hard work. Its a thankless job and being a Mum is the hardest job in the world, yet I believe its the most rewarding too. But I have to say, only Mums of twins, really know what it is like, 2 babies. At.the.same.time. Period.
That is why I am so thankful to meet such beautiful girls in the local Multiple Birth Group, they are gems.
Ok ok, I am ranting, having a vent, and I know that my readers like to visit to be inspired rah rah rah, I know this as people are saying it to me on FB. But I am no inspiration, just an ordinary Mum, trying to keep my head above water and make the best out of life, and I have bad days too, and today is one. So bad day, pi*s off!!

Right, no crafting or "Yellow" program was done yesterday as I was at the salon for the day and Stella went to daycare, so we were back on schedule today!

I got out our colours books and we had a fun time scouring them. I also picked up some counting ones at Crazy Clarkes
  Our first project was decorating a few little girls. I picked up this pack of girl cut outs and we decorated them with crepe paper and patty pans. I plan to get Stella to do 2 per colour we learn then punch holes and string them together in a chain.
I bought these from Wooldriges for like $8 for 24

Stella putting a dress on her little girl and her little audience watching!
 Our second project was making a duck. I just found a left over plastic plate , in yellow of course, and we glued crepe paper squares all over it.

Stella loves glue sticks and she is getting really good at using them too!
 We used a patty pan as the beak and I just drew 2 eyes on with black texta. She loves it!!

Using it as a mask and singing 3 little ducks at the same time!!

Simple , yet effective and fun crafts today, and Stella is really grasping everything which is soooooo cool!!
I even got the chance to Fertilise my garden and lawn and spray paint something , I will reveal in the next few days.
Happy crafting!


  1. Oh Liv sorry you had a rough day. Those days STINK no doubt about it. I couldn't imagine twins as my 2 18 month apart babies were hard enough for me :/ I can say its hard on some days but the older they get the easier it gets. Hang in Champ YOU ARE DOING A RIPPER JOB XO By the way when I'm in the next street again I'll be more then happy to have your kids come over for a play (or in the twins world, lay around watching the older ones play ;) ) Even if it's for just an hour so you can sit down and watch OTH hehehe!

    Just know even tho you feel like you can't off load a screaming baby cause you think its hard for you, just remember if someone can take that screaming baby out of your arms/room/house for even 30mins you will feel much more refreshed. Ethan screamed for 6 months straight with bad reflux and back injuries from his birth and even tho I didnt have any family help having a friend take him so I could cook without a screaming infant in my arms was a huge help. Even putting him in his cot so I could shower to 'take a break' would be what I did for that 10min break for both me and bub. I know the last option is not viable with 2 others there. Just a thought and for you to know I have 2 spare arms if you need to just hola xo

    P.S ask for an u.s of Max's tummy xo

    Mel Hank

  2. oh liz... i'm hearing you re: 'don't sweat the little things' and my favourite'pick your battles'. i try to repeat to myself 'keep calm and carry on, keep calm and carry on'... but sometimes things just GET TO YOU, and there's not much that can be done about it. hopefully you'll have a brighter day today. and i really hope little max gets back on track quick smart : )

    this post has at least shown that you ARE in fact one of us... i often wonder if you are some kind of mythical SUPERMUM... although i don't think my assumption is far off. being a mum is a challenge... being a mum of twins PLUS a toddler would be T.O.U.G.H... i can only imagine... i always wanted twins... until i had one. EEEEKK!

    i love your little doll cut-out idea... a string of colourful dolls will look amazing in stella's room... cheap, educational, meaningful and oh so effective : D

  3. Oh Dizzy!!! I wish I lived closer so I could pop in more often for twiglet snuggles and playtime with Stellbelle!

    I think you are not drowning, not just staying afloat, but you are winning the whole darn swimming race my sweet!!! You really are doing so much better than everyone gives you credit for, even better than you think yourself!

    It's been a rough week, and I am so proud of you Supermum!!!


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