Sunday, October 24, 2010


Its "Yellow" week in our house this week.... But why?
After some careful consideration about sending Stella to a structured 3 year old program at a few of our local schools next year, we have opted not to send her. Don't get me wrong, I think she is a smart little cookie, but hey, thats my job, I am her Mum. I do think that she needs to do something next year to keep her stimulated or she is going to develop some naughty habits , purely out of boredom, but I just don't think another year of school is it. I think that 10-12 years of it , is more than enough for one child and it is my last year with her after all, before she starts kindy and that saddens me. Why would I want to give that up?
Don't get me wrong, I am all for them if you feel your child needs it, but I just don't think mine does. We go to Playgroup, swimming, music, Mothers Group, she goes to Daycare, her grandparents and then we are active at home too, that makes for one well rounded little girl.

Sooooo instead, so that she continues to learn and flourish , and so that she is up to speed when she hits kindy, I have started theme weeks in our house.
To co- inside with her "In the Garden" dress up day for Music last week, we did a bug theme ( will post on that tomorrow once the photos are edited) and this week its on the colour Yellow ( an easy one for us as we have lots of left over yellow things from the Christening). Each week is going to be different, sometimes a colour, sometimes an animal, or number , or just about the alphabet or something , but each week different and equally as exciting for her. We all know how little minds can thrive on knowledge and any way they can get it.

Today I started by showing her something of the colour Yellow. The first thing she thought of was a Wiggle!! But she said Murray, not Sam.
Next I asked her to look around her toy room and find other things that are yellow aswell, and we put them all on a small coffee table , this is going to be our theme table from now on.

We then did some craft, some simple glueing crepe paper , patty pans and simple (BAD) drawings by moi!
Stella LOVES doing craft and making things, so when she was sad it had finished, we made a bird out of a milk bottle and crepe paper.

I have lots planned for the rest of the week but I am always after ideas, so if you have any goodies, please feel free to share ;)

Next week we are going with the letter "S" as the theme. Stella knows it by sight, can find it even in the smallest of ingredients labels on things and knows its the "s" for Stella , so its a good way to start out with letters.
I am just hoping by the end of our educational weeks that she has a better understanding of her colours, letters and animal ranges, and if she doesn't we have had fun in the process!
Hmm purhaps I should have done teaching after all!


  1. t I'm not telling Kane any of it... I'm being happy for him and excited that he's going to school. I'll save my tears till I'm home. :)

  2. don't know what happened to the rest of my message.. it was a very long one! I just said I didn't send my son to 3 year old either... but wished I was as organised with his home play. :)
    Then I said how I'm not looking forward to school next year really. He's been my sidekick for 6 years.. and I know I"ll find it hard to begin with... will miss him so much... but I'm not letting him see that. :)


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