Monday, October 11, 2010

Festival Fun

We had a fantastic, but full on weekend, and Stella had a ball!!
Friday arvos Noel finishes a bit early, so he met me at the party shop , to gather supplies for the up coming Christening for the twins this weekend. When we were leaving, we decided on a spontaneous dinner at the park. So he set off home to get some things and I went to get tea and we met down at our amazing foreshore park. The weather was perfect, such a warm day and beautiful evenin, if only the flies were more well behaved. My Mum joined us too, as Dad went out. Stella played happily and we watched!
But it wasn't all good!! As I said there waiting for  Mum and Noel, I met a lady who had twin girls, who were 2, and 2 other kids aswell.  She was sitting right beside me and got up to put her icecream cups in the bin, only to return and not see one of the girls! She asked her compainion where was "Isabelle" but no one knew. She was right in front of us one minute and the next, gone!! SO then the Mother got a bit frantic and ran around looking for her precious daughter! After what seemed like forever, someone said that there was a girl on the beach, sure enough, Isabella had run to the beach and was thigh deep in the rolling and rough waves. She was so lucky, and her mother was in tears. I seriously sat there thinking, oh what a perfect evening and everything is great and I am going to bear witness to a massive tragedy! I got goosebumps and couldn't hug my children tight enough after that!!

Anyway, after working Saturday, we went down to our Foreshore for the Festival carnival that had been set up for the 2 weeks that our "Sunshine Festival" was on. Its an annual event , held in the school holidays , and its filled with all sorts of fun activities!

Stella had her first go at the Clowns, and loved it!!

Had a long jump on the Bouncy Castle (with a huge help to get up the slide by a very strong Daddy!

Max and Lacey had a great time too!

And got her Face painted, or to her "Pace Fainted". She has had it done once before and loved it, and this time was no exception!! She said so so still and looked gorgeous when finished!

The slingshot ( she wanted to go but obviously she couldn't!!)

My Mum and Dad met us down there , about half way through our outing, and the foreshore started filling up as the fireworks were on. We didnt' stay for these, we let her have another play on the equipment (and I had to go down the slide too!!) and we grabbed some hot chips on the way home and sat on our mat and had a picnic dinner watching the kids movie on TV.

Noel and I had a meaningful discussion about nights like these. Its what memories are made of, what children treasure in their mind and it will last and be with them forever. The simple things of a play at the park, an impromptu picnic or letting them stay up late and laying on a rug with Dad, watching "A Bugs Life". Stella loved every minute and so did we!!


  1. It looks like a lovely day was had by all and the face painting is gorgeous!

  2. The same thing happened to me one time when i took the girls to spalding park, I was down there with my girls when a ladies son disappeared. We searched high and low, she was panic stricken and crying, as was I! WE found him on the edge of the river... it really makes you realise how easily things can happen!

  3. Oh thanks for visiting Mel , I feel so so honoured, and totally starstruck!!
    Kylie, it was awful!!


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