Thursday, January 6, 2011

8 years

Today. 8 years today, since Noel asked me to be his girlfriend. Woot wooo!! haha
I can remember the night too well, a girlfriends 18th Birthday party (I was 17 still) and we were in a massive cloud of lust.
It didn't take long, I think only a few months, before we realised that it wasn't lust, but indeed love.
Sweet, innocent, heart thumping LOVE!!
And.... 8 years on, 2 houses, one business, countless holidays (and fights mind you) and 3 precious, adorable little children and we are still going strong. And... its only getting better.
Everyday I feel honoured to be his wife, the mother of his children and most of all, his best friend, and I can't wait to grow old together. Just us two (and a mob of kids, grandkids you know the story!)

On our wedding day, nearly 6 years ago!! My New Years Resolution to be this size again..

Now I don't normally remember anniversaries. Wedding ones are no exception, let alone the date we started "Going steady" but this year is different. I can feel it already, that its going to be a great year for us, positive vibes are buzzing and the future is looking bright. We are blessed with 3 amazingly cute kids (and I am trying to convince him for #4 , sadly , its not working) and have more to be thankful for than we even realise.
So, Happy Dating Anniversary my love.
Love you to the moon and back...........


  1. liz thats so sweet!! happy dating anniversary guys!!. =) you can tell how much u both love each other. and with the number 4 MY GOD LIZ lol. although... i've been thinking about it but theres no way until he's atleast 2.... =)

  2. Congrats on your dating anniversary... and also on keeping such a fabulous blog!!! you may like to go to 'handmade by Sam' on facebook, a friend of mine from school days who makes Owls - right up your alley...

    see you when playgroup starts again!!
    Cheers, Robyn Zadow

  3. Thanks guys!! Yes Kristal, I wish for number 4, Noel doesn't!!
    Thanks for the recomm Robyn, can't wait for playgroup!!


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