Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Festive Home

I know I know, its not the festive season anymore, but for us, the feeling is still well and truely alive in our home. (Because we have been away and left it all up, presents everywhere, tables adorne, you get the drift...)
We have just returned today from a weeks holiday in the seaside, shack town of Horrocks. DEVINE!
More on that later;
I took all these photos Christmas week, with all the good intentions of doing a post, and yet again, time got away with me and family time won out! And thats the way it should be too, I believe.
Every year I try and score a few more things for decorating in the Christmas spirit. I never spend alot on decorations, infact, I try and get them clearance, close to Christmas day or after during the sales (but we were away this year). Everything is stored safely in plastic boxes in teh garage , labelled and put up on a shelf. At the start of December, I get the boxes out and get to decorating, music playing and spirits high. I LOVE IT!!
So...for now, better late than never of course, the festive cheer that is around our home.

Tall tree with beads from Red Dot , Christmas week for $2, down from $25, and the black board was from there too, $2

Santa and helpers babs- Crazy Clarkes

Discount shop letters (aka hubby name!! hehe)

Patchwork hanging/runner by talent MIL

Kitchen bench, gold trees Spotlight last year clearance

This years bargain, Christmas week, Target $14 from $35!! Looked fantastic on Christmas table too!

Hanging used as runner, Crazy Clarkes (yes I love that shop) and the gold candle holder was made by Stella at daycare, so cute!!

Centre piece, runner by MIL, wire tree Target a few years back after Xmas for $1.50 and lollies of course

Another bead tree from Red Dot and Candy in canister from Target

Entrance display- gold tree Target post sale last year, Mary, Joeseph and Jesus , Target few years back for $2 and more letters

Santa and reindeer ,have had for years!!

The best wreath EVER- Made by my talented sister , all the leaves are felt and hand stiched, the bow is looking a bit Geraldtonised and wind swept though!!

This years hanging. LOVE it, a bit more kiddie, fitting with our past year, my MIL stitches us one every year, and adds a patch to the back, with the price of fuel, milk, bread and any major things that have happened throughout the year. We have quite a few now and I just use the ones I want every year but its so nice to read the back and remember the good times!

So.... there you have our home, full of little bits and pieces. There is actually a lot more, but I over did it a bit anyway. I love Christmas and never resent the time of year. Its such a special time and its only getting better with our little ones!!

More Christmas posts to come, belated of course!


  1. My home is still festive too, but I am getting over it. Thanks for your sweet comments on my potting table!

  2. ...When unpacking your decorations next year and you find some missing, no need to wounder where they are... they will be at my house!!

    Love, love, LOVE everything, especially those nesting dolls!!


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