Friday, January 28, 2011

Spreading the Love...

I know, I know how corny right?! I know that to some people it is a commercialised, money making day, and Noel and I have never celebrated it between ourselves (ok maybe the first year we were together we did but hey, I was 17!!)
 However, this year is going to be different. Noel and I have made a vow to each other to try and take time out for ourselves more often. To spend time together as a couple, as husband and wife and as best friends. It happens, life gets busy, the kids cause choas, money is tight and the romance and lust disappears from your marriage right before your very eyes!! But not us. No sir-eeee!! We are on a mission to act like our teen versions, at least once a month (ok maybe every second month but that is better than every few years). We started this mission with our date nigth last Saturday, and we hope to do it again soon!

Like I said, some people may not agree with Valentines Day and that is fine, I personally don't like it how couples who never normally show affection or share gifts, feel obliged to do it on this very day because that is supposed to be what happens. I would much rather Noel bring home flowers "Just because", or leave me a note to return home to saying "I love you", you know mushy stuff like that!!
Having said that, I think that it is important for our children to see that we do love each other, that we are good friends, that we are still as much in love now as the day we met. I know that it is a comforting and aspiring thing for me to see my parents relationship. Together since they were in Year 8, 13 years old and still going strong at 56 (sorry Mum, hehe). They are the best of friends, miss each other when apart ever so dearly, LOVE spending time together and have fought through so many battles and heartbreaking issues, and have come out the other side, stronger and more in love than ever!! That is what I want. I have the love and I want it to last, never die and never tire.
My aim is to make Valentines not only about us, but about our children. Telling them we love the,, why we love them and making it special for them too! For Noel and I , I want it to be about words, actions and the small things. Not flowers that will die, chocolates that my bottom doesn't need and teddies that collect dust.
So.. I have a few things up my sleeve for my beloved and oru cherubs, so I will keep you posted and show you after the day (to keep it a secret from DH!!)

Ok, enough of the dribbling, sorry, I have a bad tendency to do that!! hehe
 This year, aswell as sparking up some romance for my relationship, I wanted to do something for a few of my friends. Its always hard when I undertake something like this , because I have alot of gorgeous girls that I see often, with our kids and without, and its always hard to choose a few (and its even harder to complete gifts for more than a few!!) I wanted to choose a few that I though might need a little romance package. Not wanting to criticise or make them feel bad, but ones that I though might need something to add a certain spark to their relationships. A few that have just had bubs, a few that are trying to fall pregnant, and a few that I just wanted to show how much I cherish their friendship!

Unsure as to what to do this year, and ever so inspired by my absolute favourite blog Super Organised Mum, written by the lovely Jade, I have been perusing the net for ideas. Then one day last week I got an exciting email from Jade, asking whether I would be interested in road testing her new printables and downloads that she now has available on her blog!! Try them out , they are FANTASTIC!!
Umm Hello!? Do I need to answer that question?!! YES!! For Jade, anything my love, and for a crafty project, hell yes!! Once the templates landing in my inbox, my mind was ticking away, a hundred miles an hour!! Hmm what to create to do justice to Jade's amazing products, and something that won't let her down, and something that fits in with what I wanted to do for my gf's. So here is what I came up with;

Very simple brown paper bags, with a doily, and love hear attached, one of the small Valentines flags (Jade's printable to come) and some pretty ribbon on one handle.

I really wanted the bags to be a little journey for the receiver. Something to share with their beloved and something they can use together to spice things up a little :)

I made some little heart choccies, some with mini M &M's , some with small marshmellows, and I just use a Ikea heart ice tray mould. I just packaged up a little bundle, in a small plastic bag, with some ribbon and a tag saying ;
"Chocolate Heart Surprises - to be enjoyed with your loved one or ON your loved one'

I then created these small "14 days of Valentines Task Booklets" (using Jade's download). You get the cover page and small Valentines tag included, and for every day of the 14 days of Feb, I have typed out some tasks that they need to complete together. Things like
* Turn the lights out and light a candle for dinner
* Take a shower or bath together
You get the gist, I am just hoping that they actually get used!

Other ways to utilise these downloads, as Jade has on her blog, is use them to leave little notes, every day for the first 14 of Feb, to your partner, telling them thing that you love about them. How cute!

I included a small stack of heart Post it Notes, to be used for love notes. This was also one of the tasks, to leave notes around the house for your partner. I just finished of the stack with a little flag (Jade's download too!) and a heart brad, purchased from Spotlight.

A pack of cards- wrapped in some Valentines Ribbon and topped with a tag that I found HERE. there are also some cute bookmarks!! These are to be used for one of the challenges
"Take your deck of cards and play some Patience, or maybe some strip poker" ;)

A simple gift voucher, ready to be filled in by a husband or wife, for anything that they wish.

And a small booklet of Romantic Movies (thanks Facebook friends for the suggestions).
14 soppy , romantic movies for the 14 days of Valentines.
I used my spare Becky Higgins journalling cards from my Project Life kit, added a doily, some ribbon and stickers and another one of the flag tags and hey presto. Cute as a button!!
Hopefully not everyone will be wanting to hire the movies out at the same night at the Video shop, Geraldton doesn't have enough shops for that!! haha

The bags with their goodies;

I also packaged up some sweet boiled lollies, to be enjoyed whilst watching one of the movies, and add a bit of sweetness to their nights .

So there you have it, all the little goodies all completed and ready for some loving!! I do hope that my recipients use my kit. That they enjoy the company and tasks with their husbands. That it adds a bit of spark and difference to their lives, and maybe inspires them to want more romance and lust out of their marriages. Soppy aren't I!!

Maybe you could make one for your love, it doens't have to cost the earth!! I think my total packages are worth maybe $8 each, and obviously a bit of time (whilst the kids are in bed) but who can put a price on romance and gifts for your friends or lovers?


  1. Liz you are so clever girly!! I dont know how you find the time to care for yourself and your little family let alone share it with others!! You should be very proud xx

  2. They are so gorgeous - I'm sure your friends are going to love them!


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