Saturday, January 15, 2011

Its all in the stars

Right, I don't know about you , but I am definately a Pisces. Through and through. Well at least I think I am!!

"The water sign, Pisceans are imaginative, sensitive , compassionate, kind, selfless, unworldly, intuitive and sypathetic"
"Pisces is an intuitive sign which can receive great inspiration. Pisceans are thus the natural mediums and mystics of the zodiac who can communicate their inner vision through either the arts or the sciences, or caring professions. Pisces can also be a sign of selfless or self-sacrificing devotion, and is capable of truly unconditional love for others."


Obviously there are elements of the characteristics of the star sign that I read about and go "NAH" but all in all, its pretty spot on, as hard as it is to read about yourself.

But .... I have news for you!! Someone out there, who thinks they are pretty darn clever, has introduced a new Star Sign, so ou may not be what you have always thought!!
Welcome .....Ophiuchus

Experts say "While our signs have stayed the same over the years, the earth's axis has changed due to a natural effect called precession.

Our planet is now aligned with different stars than it was previously, meaning the zodiac signs should be different"

So.... I am thinking you may all want to check it out, you may not be what you have always thought you were!! Pity to those who have their star sign tattooed on them!! haha

More info and dates HERE

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