Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diva Displays

Ok... so settling in to the everyday grind is proving to be alot harder than ever before , for our little family.
The babies were fantastic teethers while we were away and slept well, and anywhere they could. However, poor Max is struggling this week, crying at the drop of a hat and putting on a real show. Dropping his head to the floor and everything, poor little man. He just wants to be held, which is fine if you have the time, and only one baby to hold! However, we dont....
And Stella, well, love her to bits but unfortunately not the Stella we have at the moment. I think a combination of late nights, full on days at the beach and over excitement and sugar indulgence (when she rarely eats sugar) is taking its toll on the little chicken. AND Mummy of course!!
So... the naughtly spot has had a little workout of late, and with due reasons, and it works, so we will continue until after this phase passes or she settles down.
I am trying to think positively, but I think that the "Terrible Two's" has bitten us on the bum!! Argh
 Here is our little darling, being a Diva, on her first day at home from holidays. Loving her new toys and clothes and just .....being a diva, and boy does she do it well!!
Complete with Ballerina Jiffy's (Aka Angelina Shoes), Leotard, tutu frou frou, and hairdressing equipment (curling tong from her set).

Oh dear, what are we in for?

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