Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am always on the lookout for healthy yet practical and convenient snacks for our kids, particularly Stella, and after the sugar overdosed and sleep deprived state (she was a nightmare for a few days when we got back from Horrocks, just whingy, disobedient and all round HARD WORK) , anyway we decided to cut out most of the sugar and preservatives from her diet.
Its hard over the Festive season, even for the kiddies, with parties etc and Stella has older cousins that she like to copy and be like, what they have, she has, so we had to crack down when we got home.
It was back to basics of fresh fruit and vegetables with sandwhiches, yoghurt and corn Cruskits.

I don't mind a few pre packaged snack items in our Pantry but I try to make all her snacks myself or buy in bulk and break down into Small Tuppaware containers or Enviro Sandwhich saks.

Thanks to a friends referall and some browsing in the supermarket after work on Saturday CHILD FREE, I pick up some new snacks that Stella is more than chuffed with and I thought I would share!! But no buying the shop out Gero girls, leave some for me!!

Now these are devine!! I HAD to try some of Stella's one today! Now during the hot months , Stellas treat is Icy Poles, but they are sooo full of sugar, so I have been on the hunt for something a bit better for her, and stumbled across these! They are Mango Sorbet tubes, and look just like an icy pole , but alot creamier in consistancy. They taste like pure Mango and she loved them even more because each plastic tube had Jessie, Buzz, Woody and Bullseye from Toy Story on them, its a done deal as far as a child is concerned!!

Next up are the Chompies, again, Toy Story Themed and each box contains 8 small packets of fruit type lollies. They contain No artificial colour or flavours, are 99% Fat Free and contain over 30% fruit juice, yes they are lollies and yes they contain sugar but they are very convenient little packet to pop in your bag and/or use as a reward or bribe (not that I bribe my child , now wayy would I do something like that!!)

To the right are the Fruit Fix's, these come in a variety of flavours, we have the Apple, Mango and Grape ones and they contain 99% fruit ingredients, including Fruit Juice, puree and fibre. Each long skinny pack, to which the box contains 6 , has 3 long skinny tubes of goodness, and yes, I tried these too and they are Yummo!!

I purchased all of these products in Coles, but I am sure you can get them anywhere and seeing as though I am a Wooolworths or IGA shopper normally I will be on the lookout! And.. if you are iPhone owners, don't forget to add the Coles application, complete with Shopping Lists, specials and even recipes galore!!

A pic of the small Chompies packets

And Lastly, a snack that is probably not that great for you, but bette than biscuits or chips , are these yogurt covered Nuts and sultanas. I buy them for myself and Stella as a small snack throughout the day ( I use the Tuppaware divided bowls , that keeps everything seperate and organised) and something a bit different!!
These are available in most of the scoop tubs at supermarkets or even in prepackaged plastic bags ready to enjoy!!

There you go, a few new alternatives you might not have seen around the traps, and they can make snacks that little bit more special for your children. Stella eats 3 pieces of fruit most days but it is alwasy nice to mix it up a bit for her!!
If you have any other ideas or good snacks for your kiddies, please share!!


  1. had the same drama with our Lacey after xmas and new year. Back to the good old Sao crackers, water and frozen yoghurt and bed early and we have our happy kid back :)

  2. It is so hard to find healthy snacks for kids! My girls just get plenty of fruit, and things like avocado spread on cruskits, (their fave) banana sandwiches and yoghurt! And you can teach (trick) them into wanting healthy food over choclate or lollies. If they are good girls at the supermarket, instead of getting a chocolate, they get a super special punnet of raspberries or blueberries! They are alot more pricier than a lollie, but they are so good for them and they think they are the luckiest girls in the world!:)Tricks of the trade lol Keysha


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