Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas has come and gone for another year. And ours was AWESOME!! x3
In 12 months we have gone from having one child at Christmas to 3, and so that made it 3 times better this year!!
From before 6 in the morning, our house was covered in wrapping paper and littered with boxes and toys. Not a spare spot to foot. 
The kids , more so Stella, was in heaven and she was just so excited.
The food was made and eaten.
The presents were bought, wrapped and given.
The bon bons were popped and joked about (pretty lame ones too , hehe )
Having all our family in town, the day can get quite chaotic, as much as you try for it not to. But in the end, its Christmas.
The magic was in the air at our place, with biscuits and beer put out for Santa, a bucket for the reindeers and the Santa Key on the front door.
Stella went to bed, in her new Christmas PJ's (an idea I stole off another blogger, to gift new Pyjamas on Christmas eve, a small present to open for each child, of new Pj's to wear to bed and look gorgeous in for photos on the big day)
The babies were awake and we had to pretty much wake Stella but boy was she onto it the moment her eyes opened.
"Did Santa come? With the reindeer outside, he came, to my house:"
 Yes sweet, he came, to your house.
This magic we cherish so much this year, as we know, in reality , it is so short lived for kids these days, but I never want it to stop.
It was presents as a family early morning, then off to my parents house for gift swapping with my sister and her kids, my parents etc. Breakfast at the inlaws , and lunch back at our place with family from my Dads side. Luckily this year we said , no tea- we wanted to stay home and get ready to leave the next day for Horrocks.
We vow to do it every year now, the morning was a rush and full on, but the arvo flowed and laughs, drinks and play was had by all. The way Christmas should be.....
Stop reading now, however, if you aren't into my happy snaps, cos boy was I snapping on Xmas day!!

Opening Santas presents under the watchful eye of Dad ( a sunburnt one!!)

Lacey, eating her orange Rattle, bought from Jive Baby.

Oooow a handbag, Santa knows her too well!!

It was choas and only just the beginning!! Max crawling around EVERYWHERE!!

Gorgeous boy

Oww  a beautiful hat and a gorgeous Poppet from Pikelet Workshop

My beautiful family

Stella loves books, she got new colouring books and a travel notepad

Arrhhhh Pirate Max, all the kids got some dress up hats

At my parents house, grandies all lined up and waiting patiently!!

Aunty Kristy and Lacey

WOW!! A Jessie Doll from Toy Story!!

Stella watching her favourite person unwrap pressies!

A hairdressing kit!! So realistic, with a tint brush, bowl, apron sectioning clips, a battery operated hairdryer and scissors (plastic of course!!) Just like Mummy

Max and Lacey (with a new headband made by Aunty @ Bread N Butter Factory (also available at Jive Baby)

Lacey and Grandma- Max was crawling around
 And what is a Christmas without over eating and over indulging on yummy, glorious , traditional food!?

The most important part of lunch, dessert of course!!

It was a hot day, so the kids enjoyed playing under the sprinkler and in the clam shells!!

So that was it, our Christmas, will do another post on our loot of pressies soon. I got so amazingly , disgustingly spoilt it wasn't funny. But oh how I love all my pressies!!


  1. Sweet! Love all those pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww... Love seeing all the photos!! Missing you all like crazy! Lacey looked so gorgeous with the headband on and max is crawling!!! WOW, what a smart little cookie!! Looking forward to getting my hair done by Stella Star, with her new hairdressing kit, when I come up next!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your camping trip!! Love to you all!! xo

  3. aw those bubbas are sooo cute! I love max's pj's where are they from Liz?

  4. Thanks for taking the time out to comment girls!!
    Jasmine- all the PJ's are from Cotton On Kids!! So cute hey!!


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