Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Genes!!

I know I am being bias, but hello, my kids have some good genes!!!

Forgive me for being a bragger, but hows these eyes?? We both have blue eyes, but I am most certain these brilliant blues on all 3 kiddies are from my darling man, his are brighter, lighter and of course, dreamy!!

Here's proof;

And how about these? Yes I know he does not have much hair, BUT , what he does have is getting longer,and now, THERE ARE CURL TUFTS!! Yes, I am sure that is what they are!! Super cute little curls, (that he will infact hate one day) but I wonder if they are the early signs of a mop head ringlet doo like Stella!?

Cutest kids on earth!


  1. Haha Stellas gummy smile..classic.. and yes their eyes are beautiful....I've always wanted a baby with blue eyes but not much chance of that with my mud poo eyes taking over Gregs genes!!


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