Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tomorrow is Australia Day. I don't know about you, but I am one proud Aussie!!!
Its a day when you feel like eating meat pies, lamingtons, tim tams and "put another shrimp on the barbie" ahh hello? They are prawns and they taste so much better when they AREN'T cooked on the BBQ!! Not only that but the smell of suncream, BBQ's and Aeroguard of Fly spray and the radio cranked up to Triple J's Hottest 100!!
Gone are the days that we would sit around drinking, playing games, swimming and taking bets on the winner of the countdown (and having a hellofahangover the next day!!)
Never the less we will definately be getting into the Aussie Spirit tomorrow with temporary tattoos ( an annual tradition, but they are so hard to get off!!), a BBQ brunch with family, going to the  foreshore for a mid afternoon picnic and play at the waterpark with good friends and all the while, having a husband with his ear attached to the radio or laptop listening to the Hottest 100!!

Stella, last Australia Day, down the foreshore beach!!

Is there anything better?
I love the country we live in, I love that we are live so freely, are safe (most of the time), are not in a war torn country and living in fear. I love that our children get educated, that fresh drinking water comes straight out of the tap, that our cultures are so diverse, that are health care system is so fantastic and our weather is so devine!! It truely is such a great country and we are so lucky to be living here!!
Hell even Oprah loves Australia, and why shouldn't she?!

And again, in her bikinis. Can't believe how much she has grown!!

I hope your Australia Day is a good one, regardless of what you get up to, as long as you are with your loved ones, and take a moment to appreciate the lives we live, that is all that matters!

Finally, my POTD, 2 of my cherubs, saying goodbye to Dad this morning. Priceless


  1. Lovely post - you're right about how much we have to be grateful for in Australia!

  2. Bit of a blast on an old post but I just needed to say try nail polish remover next time you need to remove temp. tattoos - read about it somewhere once and it works a treat!


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