Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sibling Love!!

There is simply nothing better nor more satisfying than hearing the sound of your kids laughter. Especially the belly chuckling type of laughing!! And over the past few days, I have heard the best sounds of giggling coming from my kids, lots of crying, but lots of laughing too!!
Max and Lacey are at the age that they are interacting and loving having their big sister around!! Max especially loves her, and she loves him, because he is crawling and follows her everywhere, and if you can't find him, he is sitting in her room , playing with her goodies!!

Cackling at Stella!

Belly rumbling!!
 I love seeing them all playing together, or having a cuddle!!

Being entertained by her Sister

Max in Stellas cubby house!!

And then....yesterday, Lacey was still sleeping and Max and Stella had not long woken, and I was in the kitchen. Then... all went quiet, and we all know what that means.. trouble!!!
However to my surprise, this is what I found when walking into our toy room!!!
How innocent, how adorable and how gorgeous!! They really do love each other!! He loves, loves her and she just is smitten by both the twins!!
These are what memories are made of, and what being a sibling is all about!!

Having cuddles!! And he layed there, so still, and that does not happen very often for little Max!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, how sweet! The pictures of Max and Stella bought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. Precious!


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