Friday, January 7, 2011


For Christmas, we gave Stella (and our Niece Denbi) a jewellery painting kit, so the other day, we set upon the task of decorating them.
The kit was fantastic, and I purchased them from a Toy Catalog that I had organised as a fundraiser for The Geraldton and Districts Multiple Birth Assoc. that I am the co-ord for. (The catalogs have heaps of cool stuff!!)

We got 2 bangles and 4 plastic clear rings in the set, and a strip of small pots of paint and a brush.
Stella LOVED this activity, as she is a real girly, girl and loves jewellery and combined with her other favourite activity of painting , she was in seventh heaven!!

I have learnt to let go , and just let her do what she wants and paint how she likes, I used to try and fix things and make them better, but that ruins half the fun and the effect!! So... they are how they were painted and , she did an amazing job!

I would recommend this pack for anyone wanting a fun activity for their little girl, she was so excited , and I also have a similar kit to myself, to paint my own Babushka, so I will have to endeavour that soon!!
Happy Weekend to all!!

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