Friday, January 21, 2011

Stand by me..

What have we been up to? Hmmmm lets see?! Some walking along the foreshore, some playing , some food shopping (yuk!) , some Spotlight-ing (YAY!), some cleaning, and some involuntary tennis watching (thanks DH!!)

I have a list a mile long of things to achieve over the weekend, including my Valentines goodie bags for my friends and lots of printing (now we have new ink, although it is not working at the moment and driving me bonkers!!! ARGH!)

Our babies are growing up way too quickly, and all before our very eyes. Max is now standing on EVERYTHING and Lacey is even trying , even though she is not properly crawling yet!! Soon I will have to be running after 2 babies, oh dear!!
I have even started to put plans in motion for their first birthday and Stella's 3rd!!! eeek! All 3 kids in one month, we had better start the saving!!

Leaving you on this gorgeous Friday night , with an image of the very precious little man Max!! I have never met a happier or smilier baby!! Love you to the moon and back little man. xo

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  1. Your baby is precious! I have forgot to put Valentine's days crafts on my to do list...


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