Monday, January 3, 2011

A little beachside Getaway

Boxing Day, amist wrapping paper, boxes, presents and a house that looked like a bomb had hit it, we were packing and getting ready to go on a family holiday.
Not just any old holiday, but the first, for our family of 5!! How excitement!!
Even if it was just an hour up the road, it was a getaway. And..... it was fantastic!!

Our poppets in our new Sun Shelter

Looking out the the beach, the water was gorgeous!

Horrocks is such an amazing place. A sleepy, seaside, shack town that was originally a getaway destination for the surrounding farmers, now a top spot for families like us.
We would wake up (early of course) have breaky and head to the beach early, usually about 8am, have fun in the water, build sandcastles, have morning tea and just enjoying doing whatever tickled our fancy.
Head back to our Chalet for lunch and a sleep for the kids, and parents too, and then the park for the arvo.
Throw in some arvo nibbles and drinky poo, playing games, reading books, blowing bubbles, swinging the float swing and chilling out and the holiday was complete, and perfect.
Some days were pretty windy, ok for the beach if you didn't have 2 babies that needed the shade and a Sun Shelter that would need to stand up to the wind. These mornings we made pancakes, and played games.
Our babies were so good as to sleep on a towel in the Shelter whilst we played on the sand and in the water. What gems!!

Stella and Dad, playing at the park


So clever now!

A true Daddy's girl!

The twins having a sleep at the park

What a hunk-a-spunk!!

Ahhhh, the daily arvo ritual!! See Noel and Stella in the background playing with the swing!

Butter wouldn't melt!

How devine!! Both babies popped teeth whilst we were away and still remained their beautiful selves!! 

2 peas in a pod!

Making Sandcastles

Blowing bubbles

Big boy plum tuckered on New Years Eve with Grandma
My parents came up for the night for New Years Eve, and we celebrated with a yummy barbeque and some cheesecake, sat around talking and actually saw the Year in, we all headed to bed within a few minutes however.
Stella went to bed hours earlier but awoke with some noise around the place, and so we le ther up to help celebrate.

All in all, we had a ball on our holiday, I read a book, like the whole thing, which I have not done in ages, we had day sleeps with the kids, we spend quality time together after a hectic few months and we loved every minute!!
We have booked in for next year, and will make it an annual event, and even book Stella in to swimming lessons there in the next few years.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years Eve's, regardless what you were doing!!


  1. Gorgeous! That looks like the perfect getaway. I could use one of those!

  2. lovely holiday pics! love how you have boy/girl twins too! I think it's so sweet having boy/girl twins and I'm sure we hear the same comments - are they identical? derrrrr!

    you will love watching them grow, now that mine are almost 2 1/2 they are hilarious and if one wants to do something cheeky when an adult is around they push the other one forward to do it. The other cute thing they do is I'll make bottles and give one of them the bottle but they'll run over and give it to the other and come back for their own! Twin love at it's best. It just gets better I say!


  3. What a lovely trip : ) The children look so happy, absolutely gorgeous x


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