Sunday, January 9, 2011


We have a new addition to our busy, family. Sally (said like Schally, by Stella) the rabbit. An adorable fluffy friend for our little people to grow up with.
Stella has developed a fear of animals in the past year or so, completely out of the blue, even after having a dog for the first year of her life. So, we are on a mission to fix the situation, and we thought a rabbit was the best way.

We are not ready to own a dog again, we would like to do that when the babies are a bit older and they can all bond with it as a puppy, birds are scary (for me ) and DH hates cats. Rabbit it was, at least if you go away , its easier to get someone to look after a rabbit!!

BIG improvement, a touch!!

Today, seeing as though it was 40 degrees here, I put an ice pack in her hutch, to keep her cool and she layed all over it, then came inside for some of the arvo for a break from the heat. Apparently rabbits don't handle it too well, so we had best be treating her like a queen when its summer!!

I am looking forward to getting to know Sally, I have never had a cat or rabbit before, only dogs, so its a new thing for all of us, but she really is a doll, lays like a baby in your arms and is soft and cuddly!

Max trying to take a peep at Sally!!

Stella is warming to Sally (named by her), she loves to look at her in the hutch, says goodnight to her, is the first thing she speaks of in the morning and talks about her to everyone, yet, we can not get her to hold Sally yet. But...... we are making progress, and both Noel and I are loving her more than we thought we would too!!!

Taj Mahal Hutch!!

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  1. Awww... Sally is so beautiful and a gorgeous addition to the family! Welcome Sally the Rabbit!! We look forward to meeting you soon! Im sure she will be spoilt! will she have baby rabbits some day?? That would be CUTE!! hehe...


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