Monday, January 24, 2011

Too quick!!

The weekends fly by wayyyyy too quickly for my liking!! One minute I am in heaven, knowing Noel is home for a few days, next thing you know, you are saying goodbye on a Monday morning and another weekend has bitten the dust!! argh.......

This weekend was a long one for us, as Noel has every second Friday off, and its bliss! Love it!! It means I can go places, appointments , things like that, childfree, and to me that means alot!! There are so many places and appointments you just can NOT take your kids, and 2 babies make the normal things even harder. The size of the pram alone, creates more problems for a start, let alone trying to find a time when you  know that you won't have to endure the full extent of the lungs of 9 month old babies!! (Did I just say that!? 9 months in 5 days!! Eeek!!)
As great as these Fridays are, they fly by and its Saturday and then I am the one off to work. See that is the hard thing for Noel and I, the fact that for our whole relationship, I have worked for half of every weekend. There is no relaxing day and then work day. No time to get stuck into big projects and trying to cram everything into a Sunday, takes its toll on everyone, and some things just don't make the cut (which is probably why my garden beds look like an extension of my lawn, and its been on our "To do List'" for too long now!! )

So, Friday we had the house sprayed for whatever it is they spray for, you know the bugs and stuff, so we had to evacuate for a few hours. Bummer, I had just received a voucher at Spotlight and we needed somewhere to go!! What a pity ;) Then lunch and food shopping and a business meeting for me and the day was all but over. Saturday was work for me, and Noel with the kiddies, and Sunday we hung around home until the late arvo when we went to my parents for a swim, arvo tea and a few games on the Wii!!

However, this weekend did differ from the others, in the fact that we went out on a date. A proper one!! Saturday night , my Mother dearest (Thanks Mum, you are a gem!! ) came over to look after our cherubs whilst we went to a party. Hmm the party got ditched, dinner reservations made and off we went for some much needed alone time and a date night!! Dinner was yummy and a spontaneous decision to catch a movie proved to make for one amazing night with my dear husband. We saw the movie Burlesque, and if you can get to the movies, and love a good musical, do yourselves a favour and watch it !! I LOVED it, not only was there some pretty descent eye candy, but I loved the music, costumes, everything!
Our date was just what we needed, as we very rarely both go out at the same time and hardly ever have the kids babysat , infact this was the twins first time and they were asleep before we even left!! Can't wait for the next one, definately not leaving it over 12 months again!

A few things we have been doing lately;

Lacey looking like the Princess she is, for our trip to town on Friday

Our little babies standing and playing (sniff sniff) and Stella entertaining them, how sweet!

Enjoying meal time!

Creating some goodies for Valentines Day!!

The usual get up for a day at home of course, Stella thinking she is Angelina the Ballerina!!

Max hasn't been well for a few days, we don't know what is wrong with him. Extremely high temps, screaming constantly, waking up and jolting with pains and general grumpiness does not make for a happy little boy. Its so hard to see your kids sick, and its even harder to see them sad when they are usually so so happy!! We are keeping up the panadol, fluids and giving lots of cuddles, and he seems to be doing better, but boy oh boy is it hard when you are home alone and all 3 want/need your attention. Kids. Life. Nuf said!!

As I said I have been busy creating and cooking for my little Valentines goodie bags and trying to catch up on some sewing!

I hope your weekend was as good as mine, and I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Australia Day!! Aussie, Aussie Aussie!!

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