Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 of 20 -10

So I thought I would carry on from everyone else on their blogs for my favourite things of 2010!! Most people are doing on their blogs, projects, makeovers etc, however I thought I would do moments and/or events for the past year! It has been such a big one for us , as a family and for me as an individual. As a mother, wife, business owner, boss and all round person . The year has brought with it plenty of laughs, but plenty of tears also. You don't have twins and get away scott free now....

So here are my Favs of the year 2010!!

1) Obviously would have to be the amazing birth and arrival of our dear babies, Max and Lacey. On the 29th April 2010, at 8:47am and 8:49 am , we were doubly blessed with our amazing babies.
It has been both an honour and privaledge to have had twins, and I cherish them so very very much.
2) Noel has finally found a job that he is happy at, and you all know what they say... Happy Husband, happy wife!! haha but he is happy, and so are we. Love you babe!
3) Stella mastering nappy free nights-  toilet trained from December 2009, out of sheer laziness by a very pregnant me, she was still in nappies at night, and mastered a nappy free life in Early May of 2010
4) Trip to Perth for Upmarket, my oh my, I LOVED IT!! Will definately be making it an annual adventure, such a whirlwind trip to Perth for 24 less than 48 hrs but oh so worth it!!
5) Attending all the amazing markets I have, with my Bizzy Dayz Products, meeting new people and loving creating things
6) Creating a new team and working environment at the salon, it has been a HUGE year of restructuring but so so worth it!!
7) Spending time with my dear Husband, taking an amazing journey of self discovery and strength by parenting our 3 children, when times were tough, we stuck together and go through it, I am feel so lucky to be living my life out with Noel, and for us to be entering into our 9th year together, and its only getting better!!
8) For the start of the year it would have to be the feeling of growing and caring for 2 amazing little human beings, complete with complex personalities from inside my tummy. They are no different today as they were inside and it was so amazing to feel them both kick and move at the same time (and it hurt, ALOT , of course!!)
9) Taking our very recent trip away to Horrocks. Our first family holiday as 5, and it was just what we needed. Its been over 14 months since we have taken a holiday and it was very much enjoyed!!

10) My very favouritest (made up word I know) , part of 2010, to me, has been spending time with my amazing children. Watching and helping them to grow, and learn has been such an amazing privaledge that I do not take lightly or for granted. Being  a Mother is the greatest gift on earth, and it is my my favourite thing about the past year, expanding our family from 3 to 5!!

So there you have them, corny and very predictable I know, but hey, thats my life and I am LOVING IT!!

I have made some New Years Resolutions again, and this year I am determinded to stick to them, so I believe by putting them here in writing, and before you all, that they will be set in stone and they will happen
Obviously the first one and definately the most common for everyone is losing weight. I  have struggled with my weight forever and a day , and this year was no different. However I didn't have time for myself before, let alone after the arrival of the twins. So I am setting a goal to be 20kg down by Christmas next year, I am determined to take time out for myself to exercise, play sport and shed the bubba flubba!!
Next I would like to start attending Scrapbooking classes,well not so much classes but maybe a free scrap night once a week, where I make myself go, have time out and get a few Layouts done at the same time!! I am like 3 years behind and it is grating at me!
And lastly, it would be to make a few changes around my house , things that have been on the list for forever and a day , will be happening!! Yay
What are your New Year Resolutions?
As for 2011, what does it have in store? Well I do not know, hopefully the future is bright but really aslong as we are all together, my family of 5, I am a happy little lady!!

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