Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Pressie Loot

Christmas is definately not about the gifts, however, its hard to deny that this day and age is about the giving of presents.
This year I tried to think about my gifts I was buying and started doing so properly in August. Bits and pieces at a time.
But here is some of the kids and my loot!!

A gorgeous Get Crafty Calendar, a paint your own Babushka set (bit worried as I am not the  best at painting!!) and my Project Life Voucher (it hasnt arrived in Australia yet)

My amazing books !!! How awesome, my "To Do List" is ever growing!!

I got super spoilt by my husband, these gorgeous Cat Hamill bracelets

Yay, my Wish List came true, the Cutest Button necklace EVER

Red Birkenstocks, So gorgeous (yes I have big feet)

I also got a beautiful gold watch, with a really large face, just what I wanted (from my parents) , some gorgeous clothes (again Mum had great taste!!) a new insert for my Inner B diary and some other really cool stuff, so SPOILT!!

And just to make me even MORE spoilt, by my hubby of course, I got this!! In white, its shiny , its gorgeous and it now has pride of place on my kitchen bench!! A Kenwood Patissier Mixer!! Its so devine and very extravagant but I have wanted one for ages and Noel put it on layby in September to afford it for me!! How sweet is he!!


Stella's loot- this is only half, the Stella Puzzle is from Mooo, a new clip holder from Aunty Kristy (babushka), a Jessie Doll , she also got a scooter, a sand play table, a hairdressing kit, some nappies for her Baby Bjorn, a gorgeous headband, some play foam,  some puzzles where you have to thread the lace through the hole, and lots of hair stuff, a nail set, a few books, SPOILT!!!

HOW CUTE IS THIS?? Noels Mum made it for all her little bits and pieces. She got a friend to make the babushka with her embroidery machine, and then made the rest.
 My talented MIL also made Stella, the cutest little dress , and a crayon bag, so I will take photos of those and post soon too! She bought me a new big cutting mat, and rotary cutter for sewing. Time to get serious I think!!

A small snippet that our littlest girl Lacey got. A poppet from Pikelet Workshop, a gorgeous softie a back right from Mamas and Papas, a super soft sock dog and the most amazing pig money box, all handpainted!! (my Mum got the BEST presents this year for the kids!! And me!!)

Max's loot- Mamas and Papas softie, left, Pikelet Workshop Super hero at back, a sock doggie in the front and again, the most gorgeous money box, a spotty cow!! Thanks Mum!!

So I definately think we got uber spoilt, and we are all now so lucky to have these amazing new and precious things.
What did you get for Christmas?


  1. I am a twin and me and my sister still get 'matching' presents!! So cute!

  2. You did good, girl! Look at all that stuff. What a great husband! They kids didn't do so bad themselves! :)
    So glad you all had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh wow what gorgeous presents : ) Now the button necklace ? I HAVE to have one LOL please share where it is from LOL. And now you have some poppets you won't be able to stop those things are addictive !!!


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