Thursday, January 13, 2011

Commitment for the year!!

Now, it is no secret or surprise that I am a massive, huge, enormous and proud fan and follower of Jade from the Super Organised Mum blog.
She inspires me to be a better Mum, wife, homemaker and all round more organised person. I read her blog daily and take advice and inspiration from it all the time. I think its important to find someone that inspires you, and follow them, as it is constantly making you strive for more and to be better.
I have been following her for over 12 months now, and referred some of my friends and family to do the same, sometimes I wish I had of kept her a secret just for myself!! haha
Anyway, one of the major things she has inpired me to do is, Project Life!
'Project Life' is a fantastic scrapbooking tool, in a kit form that allows you document your year in photographs (one per day as I am) or an event, or your childhood photographs, in next to no time, as all the elements are interchangable and ready to use. Saving time and money, and most of all, being so simple that you can actually do it!!
I don't know about you guys, but I love Scrapbooking ( a new hobby) but I just do not get the time to do it, get everything out and complete Lay outs, like I should, and I hate that.
This way, everything is done for me, just insert the photos into the sleeves, add journally and voila!!
Project Life is created and developed by the amazing Becky Higgins and information is available HERE on her website.
My Mother dearest bought the kit for me for Christmas, I got the Amber edition, but it comes in 2 colourways, and is only available from HERE in Australia. There is also a digital version, I think it is only available from the US.

I was so so excited when my box arrived, I went to my Mums work to pick it up ( it was late into Australia and didn't make it for Christmas as they had a customs problem)
That night I unpacked and set the whole thing up!!!

The box!!

Isn't it gorgeous!!

Here is a picture of the other colour, Turquoise incase you are interested.

Project Life - Turquoise Edition

And if you are planning on purchasing and doing Project Life, Jade at the Super Organised Mum blog, did a post on how to set up your folder, or at least how she does it, and I found this so invaluable!! Check it out HERE!

I have done a few pages so far, and am determined to keep up to date with it, and can't wait to complete our year in photos, even down to the insignifacant images you wouldn't normally scrapbook about, its still all apart of our year. I will do another post soon with my pages so far.
I can't think of a better way to preserve memories , years and events for our children!


  1. Liz I love it, it looks so fresh & stylish. I want some but what do I do with it???? I am a really bad scrap booker. I am confused but I know I just want to have one tooooooo :-)

  2. Seriously Andrea then this is the kit for you! REALLY good project to start you off. I did 2010 (ok I am DOING 2010 still!) and love(d) it! I am playing along again this year Liz... I am getting the Turquoise version. I hope you keep posting your pages as you go... and I will share mine too.

  3. Good luck with keeping up to date with your photo's and scrapbooking. I'm 2 yrs behind and I only have 2 kid's.

  4. Here is MY scrapping idol Liz... and anyone else who is interested... Adele check her out... she will get you past your being "behind" hangs up too! ;)

  5. Liz that looks great!! They don't seem to have any of the kits available though :( bummer. Have fun scrapping!!

  6. I just LOVE Jade and her blog too!! -I will admit I follow it every day aswell :) and because she is so close to home for us, everything she does is very acheivable! Good luck with your 'Project Life' hopefully next year I will be organised enough to do it :)


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